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fiberglass planters As 2020 unfolds, interior designers develop various color schemes that business professionals can use as part of interior decor to refresh commercial properties. Whether you’re an interiorscaper, decorator or the owner of a commercial property, read on to find color palette inspiration and discover the best fiberglass planter colors you should use throughout commercial spaces this year.  

Warm Wood Shades with a Twist – Or Not

Gone are the days when interior designers built interior color palettes around blanched wood surfaces and whitewashed floors. Although these design elements have been the fundamentals of interior design for years, they’re slowly fading out, according to interior designer Andrea Goldman. As more people prefer cozier interiors, warmer wood tones are taking center stage these days. In fact, shifting to a warmer color palette is a great idea to transform an unattractive commercial property into an inviting place.  

If the goal is to make your commercial space look and feel more relaxing, placing several fiberglass planters in bright colors against a wood color background will create a striking contrast that could lend a surprising laid-back vibe to the area. Gloss saffron, gloss tangerine and satin green are just some of our indoor fiberglass planter colors that allow you to bring a wood color scheme to life, while emphasizing the main concept of this year’s interior design trends: simplicity.

fiberglass-planterIf you’re after a more refined, subtle tone-on-tone palette, the best fiberglass planter colors we could recommend are metallic bronze, satin beige and the dark, mysterious matte bronze and matte brown. Imagine a room painted light beige and adorned with decorative items in varying darker and richer wood tones. Placing several metallic bronze fiberglass planters, like our Bara Jar Fiberglass Planter or Toulan Tapered Square Fiberglass Planter, against that background and assorting them with the right plants is a great way to create a perfectly balanced, yet interesting layered look. Before selecting a paint color for your commercial space, it’s essential to know that beige-based neutrals are making a comeback this year as the perfect base colors to build upon.  

Green Is In Again

Behr has recently released its 2020 color of the year: a beautiful light green shade, suggestively called Back to Nature. Using this color to paint your commercial space and then sprinkling around several fiberglass planters in a complementary color, like our satin green, is the easiest way to update your property and make a strong style statement this year. “Back to Nature” green goes amazingly well with some other fiberglass planter colors that we make available, including the delicate saffron and tangerine nuances, as well as simple browns, red, charcoal, matte cobalt, white, black, and metallic colors.Panama-satin-Green-Fiberglass-Planter

The beautiful combination of a dieffenbachia plant, with its dramatic, large leaves, and a satin green-colored Amsterdam Tapered Rectangular Fiberglass Planter will strike a softly discordant note against “Back to Nature” green-colored walls. A more intense contrast could be achieved by opting for a different planter color, such as matte terracotta, matte cobalt blue, matte black or glossy red.    

Multicolored Design Schemes

According to Wayfair Professional design manager, Rebecca Breslin, neutral color schemes without visual interest will leave the world of interior design soon. Furthermore, plain color palettes will be replaced with a new trend, which encourages interiorscapers and decorators to group together contrasting elements in order to transform ordinary, lifeless commercial interiors into beautiful and unique works of art.

As pointed out by interior designer Kate Taylor, Opera D’Arte—a multicolored geological wonder—could be used as a source of inspiration for interior color palettes. One excellent idea would be to mix and match fiberglass planters in different colors, sizes and shapes, and then adorn them with matching plants or flowers.

Cobalt Blue Fiberglass Planter

For instance, a bold and trendy color combination could be achieved by placing a red Saint Tropez Round Bullet Fiberglass Planter, holding a beautiful red anthurium, next to a matte cobalt blue Lima Tapered Square Fiberglass Planter—that color looks very similar to the Pantone color of the year—assorted with blue orchids. Or you could put together a tradescantia purple flame plant in a gloss eggplant Corry Cylinder Fiberglass Planter and a yellow bromeliad in a gloss saffron Santiago Tall Square Fiberglass Planter. Choosing rich colors for your fiberglass planters, flowers and other key design pieces is a great way to transform your commercial space into the epitome of style and sophistication. 

Whether you’re planning to go for bold geometrics, with playful blocks of colors, or for a softer interior color scheme, our fiberglass planters provide the perfect design components to tone down a color palette that is too overwhelming or, on the contrary, to spice up a neutral, lifeless space. To learn more about how you can use our fiberglass planters to make the most of your interior design, contact us today!

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