3 Maintenance Tips For Your Fiberglass Planter You Don’t Want to Miss

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Maintenance Tips For Your Fiberglass Planter

Fiberglass planters can make a great addition to any indoor or outdoor space. They offer a wide range of colors, finishes, and shapes to work with when compared to wood or clay planters. However, they must be properly maintained to preserve the finish of the fiberglass and keep them looking like new. We’ve put together a handful of helpful tips to keep your new fiberglass planters looking great.

Clean with a Soft Cloth or Soft Bristle Brush

Whether you’re first filling your planters or they’ve been set up for a while, you’ll notice that the outer surfaces tend to catch a lot of falling soil and debris. Likewise, planters with a rough texture finish can trap in pollen and dust, discoloring the surface of the planter over time. When it is time to clean your planters, remember to use warm water and a soft cloth or soft bristle brush.

For most flat and glossy finishes a cloth is enough to break up dirt and wash it away. For textured surfaces, a soft bristle brush will get the job done. Just remember not to scrub too hard, and definitely avoid wire brushes or steel wool, which can damage the finish and create wear into the layers of fiberglass. Also be wary of industrial cleaners that could harm your planters and the plants inside, and avoid power washing, which can peel the paint away.


Use Touchup Paint and Apply Wax When Needed

The finish on your fiberglass planter is similar to the finish on a car. It is made up of automotive paint and, upon request, a clear coat. It may be scratched or nicked with gardening tools. To avoid this, it is helpful to drape a tarp or drop cloth over the outside of your planters while you’re working to protect them.

Otherwise, be prepared with touchup paint to fix any scratches or nicks. If you have a light scratch, this can easily be buffed out with very fine sand paper. Leaving a damaged spot exposed could allow water and debris to get under the surrounding paint, making it chip and flake with time.


Keep Your Planter Off of Grass and Dirt

You will notice that your fiberglass planters typically come with feet to keep them up off the ground. Setting your planter directly on grass or dirt could cause it to sink down into the ground after repeated watering. This will reduce the drainage of the planter, and can begin to discolor the base of your planter. In addition, it will become much more difficult to move if you ever have to relocate it.

Due to the weight of soil, drainage material and plants, it is important to ensure that the planter feet are level and stable. Otherwise, the planter could tip or become damaged with uneven weight distribution. If you ever need to move the planter, this should be rather easy as the planters are light, and the only weight is that of the plant and soil. The fiberglass is durable and won’t crack when moved responsibly.

These are just three tips for keeping your fiberglass planters in good condition for many years to come. Fiberglass planters are very easy to maintain with minimal work. It is easy to keep the surfaces clean and repair damage to the exterior surfaces when necessary.

The most important thing you need to remember is to install your planters properly when you place them to keep both the plants and the planter healthy. Taking shortcuts during the installation process can result in sunken and uneven planters that suffer from poor drainage. For more information about maintaining your fiberglass planters, contact us today and speak to one of our specialists.

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