3 Reasons Interior Landscapers Choose Fiberglass Planters For Their Designs

Interior Landscaping with Fiberglass Planters

Fiberglass planters are now widely used in interior design as a means of bringing more color and texture to any space. They offer a number of benefits over traditional planter materials and can be customized to fit any space or style. Here are three of the biggest reasons that interior landscapers have chosen fiberglass as their go-to material for planters.


Fiberglass planters are made to order and can be designed in a wide range of styles and colors. In fact, they can be color matched to existing paint schemes or a custom color can be created for branding. For interior landscaping purpose, this allows designers to create a brand identity that is inclusive of the entire room. In addition, interior landscapers can order matching planters in a range of different sizes to add more visual effect to their landscaping design, alternating small and large planters throughout the space. Fiberglass can even be molded into a variety of shapes that would be difficult to manage with any other material, so you can create spirals, spheres, and other designs.


One of the primary concerns for interior landscapers is the combined weight of their planters and plants once installed. This is especially true when planting large trees or expansive landscapes that stretch across an area. Terracotta and other planter materials can add hundreds of pounds to the design. All of this extra weight must be taken into consideration when adding planters to a building, both because the weight must be placed safely and because moving planters upstairs can be exceedingly difficult. With fiberglass, this process is simplified because the planter is significantly lighter and easier to move. It also opens up more options for placing planters safely inside the space. Fiberglass planters are also designed with plant health in mind, which means that they already have proper drainage when holes are drilled in and root space worked into the design. This makes it possible to create a planter that looks bigger on the outside than it is on the inside. The excess space is effectively an air pocket that does not weigh down the planter while still giving you a bold statement look.


Despite their lighter weight, fiberglass planters are notably more durable than other planters. Fiberglass uses a unique mesh system that is cured with a specialized resin. This forms a continuous mold that reduces the chances of damage from people bumping or scraping the planters. When the exterior coating is applied, you will find that the fiberglass planter holds up well against the stress of pedestrian traffic inside a building, while other planter materials are known to crack and chip fairly easily. Fiberglass planters are also more durable when it comes to cleaning and discoloration, meaning that they require less maintenance to keep them looking shiny and new. The exterior paint protects your planter against aging, sun damage, dirt buildup and more.

For many interior landscapers, fiberglass planters are the best option available. They are more versatile than other industrial planter products and afford designers better options for creating a totally unique space. Interior landscapers can take advantage of the durability and flexibility of fiberglass at every turn, even making it possible to design each room with its own theme or color scheme. The possibilities are endless with fiberglass because each piece is painted on demand for quality and customer satisfaction.

To learn more about fiberglass planters, and why they have become the gold standard in interior landscaping, contact Jay Scotts today. We have a full catalog of planter designs made for any interior space, from the smallest corner planters up to large seating and divider planters. You can choose your favorite designs and colors, and we will create high-quality fiberglass planters just for you.

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