3 Reasons Why Interior Landscapers say YES to Designer Planters

Nothing pulls a room together like the details. Decorations take the feeling of a room and take it to the next level, whether that’s adding a splash of color or providing a solid backdrop for the rest of the room to speak for itself on, as a room will never be complete until all of its pieces are put into place.

That is why interior landscapers are turning to designer planters. These planters are the perfect way to emphasize the function of the room, while adding a splash of character and personality that makes the room fit the vision it was born from.

Designer Planters Emphasize Function

Rooms are made to have function. Whether it’s a cozy bedroom or a swanky sitting room, there is guaranteed to be a designer planter that fits with that function. Framing out the seating area of a sitting room, or creating the boundaries of a sitting room in a house with an open layout, emphasizes the frame of the area, while the plants held within the planters add a feeling of rest and relaxation to the space. We have found that our Potsdam Planter is a perfect fit for this type of setting.  Planters in a cozy bedroom can increase the feeling of privacy within the room, but with a breath of fresh air and a planter that makes the room feel like home.

Unique Planters Add Character

Designer planters are also integral to adding character to a home. The versatile nature of fiberglass planters allows for a mass number of different styles and colors that could fit with any theme within the house. Mass produced plastic or metal planters have a limit to the designs that they can have, pigeon-holing the creativity of not only the interior landscaper but also the client looking to furnish their home. With the freedom of fiberglass, there seems to be a guarantee to be something for everyone, making a vision come true and making each home one of a kind. This is something that would be hard to accomplish with the standard planters that can be found at any home goods store.

The Value Speaks For Itself

With any home decor project, there is always going to be a set budget. Oftentimes, it can seem that designer planters are outside of the realm of possibility when a number of cheaper alternatives exist that could fill the same space. However, there is no price tag that can be put on individuality and sustainability. Not only are the designs of the designer planters new, and interesting, and completely original, they’re the right choice when it comes to value. Fiberglass planters are extremely lightweight, meaning that instead of lugging terracotta pots around trying to frame them perfectly within the space, these designer planters can be moved with ease, and little to no headache. The designer planters are also weather-resistant. Without worrying about a planter that will rust, crack, or splinter, interior landscapers can rest assured that the vision they had for the room remains long after they’ve put it all together. The weather resistance also applies to a resistance  to UV exposure, meaning that there isn’t a room in the house that cannot have a brightly colored, beautiful planter that will last through the elements. The ability these planters have against the elements, against shattering, against fading or any other potential catastrophe makes these planters the more cost-effective choice in the long run. Replacing cheaply made plastic planters would in the long run cost far more in not only money but also in time.

No one wants to make their job harder than it needs to be, and designing the interior landscape of a house can already feel like an incredibly large task. Designer planters make the job of every interior landscaper easier, whether it is with the simplicity of increasing the function of a room, or the assistance of the planters in adding character to the room. The value of these planters in the long run makes it easy to build a lasting vision that will be sure to appease any client’s wishes for their own unique home.

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