3 Ways Fiberglass Planters Will Impress Your Clients

Fiberglass Planters

Beautiful fiberglass planters make a great first impression on clients. They add color and form to your room and show that you really care about the environment you are creating in your business. There are many reasons that clients are impressed by fiberglass planters in a lobby, on a patio or anywhere else in your facility! Here are the top three reasons they will take notice right away:


There is no denying that a beautiful fiberglass planter immediately changes the ambiance of a room. It lowers the light level, provides a place for clients to focus their attention, and softens the room. Lush planters can also contribute a more romantic, private feeling that helps your visitors feel at ease in your space. Whether you have a lobby where clients are waiting, or you are using fiberglass planters in your retail or dining areas, this ambiance encourages clients to stay longer without feeling as tense. Most interestingly, the change happens subtly and subconsciously the moment they walk through the door!

Curb Appeal

Aside from the psychological impact of having fiberglass planters in and around your building, there is also a strong visual impact as well. Having beautiful, colorful planters out front and throughout your space can really help boost the curb appeal of your building. Why? Because it shows that you care. It adds layers and dimensions to the landscape that look professional and unique. Planters help your building stand out from all the other commercial places with bland lawns or empty sidewalks. Whether you hope to sell now or any time in the future, just having fiberglass planters around shows people that you care about the appearance of your building and you are working to enhance it with thoughtful, long-lasting improvements.

Traffic Flow

One area where many businesses really struggle is with traffic flow, especially in parts of the building where clients are coming and going in different directions. If you find that your customers are getting frustrated or flustered while moving through your building, fiberglass planters can smooth things over. Fiberglass planters are the perfect way to build artificial barriers and walkways that direct traffic easily. They look great, and they are not as harsh as commercial signs plastered everywhere. Clients who enter your building will naturally follow the walkway you have set forth and they can admire the beauty of your planters along the way. Again, this puts their mind at ease while eliminating frustrations. Your fiberglass planters need not be large or imposing to get the job done. In fact, they only need to be spaced close enough so that guests can clearly visualize the path without feeling like they are boxed in. When clients enter your building and find that they are directed properly to their destination, they will be impressed that you were forward thinking enough to put up visual markers and simplify their experience.

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Those are the three biggest areas where customers form impressions about your business thanks to your use of fiberglass planters. These planters are one of the simplest ways to boost your curb appeal, put your customers at ease, and manage customer expectations all at once! The best part is that they require very little maintenance once they are installed and they can provide a permanent boost in the appeal of your business. Do away with tacky signs and bland waiting spaces, and go with colorful fiberglass planters instead! Your customers will be thanking you and your team members will have an easier time working with clients as well! Visit Jay Scotts today to see our full collection of beautiful commercial fiberglass planters made just for commercial applications!

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