3 Ways Planters Are Improving Commercial Property Appeal

One of the most overlooked elements by many business professionals is the importance of curb appeal. But when the curb appeal of a commercial facility makes a good first impression, it can attract more potential customers.

Maintainance fiberglass planters

With that in mind, this blog post will reveal three ways business owners and managers can add instant curb appeal to commercial properties in just one day, with the help of some simple components: commercial fiberglass planters. 

Planters Can Dress Up Any Commercial Facility

Plants are by far the greatest ornaments business owners and managers can use to adorn commercial spaces. However, plants look more appealing and enticing when placed in beautiful, upscale planters.

In fact, the right plants and commercial planters offer some simple and practical ways to improve a facility. For example, you can combine different commercial fiberglass planters to make an artistic statement and add interesting pops of color to your exterior and interior. Or, you can mix and match plants and flower arrangements with commercial planters in a variety of shapes and sizes to create a welcoming environment, a dynamic, attractive setting, or a staggered, asymmetrical container garden.

Professional decorators and landscapers agree that repetition in size, shape, and/or color provides a creative way to take dull spaces to a whole new level and pull the entire look together. Repeated touches of the same color or shape throughout a commercial facility, for instance, will create a comforting sense of unity and relaxation. According to research, the more relaxed customers are, the more time they spend in a commercial facility.

Fiberglass Commercial Planters Add Elegance to Spaces

If your commercial property needs to exude elegance, fiberglass commercial planters are the perfect option. With a sleek and modern appearance, fiberglass planters in various sizes, shapes, and colors can be used to define different styles.

As an example, you can use a chic, elegant planter, such as our Spiral Modern Planter, to create a dramatic effect for a glamorous event, or you can opt for something different, like our Tarragona Bowl Planter, to complement natural, Feng Shui design concepts.

Commercial Planters Create Unique Commercial Spaces

One thing is for sure. Outdated planters don’t make anyone happy, no matter how beautiful the plants are. Conversely, modern commercial planters can keep your space sleek and contemporary, while adding a subtle touch of uniqueness.

For instance, modern round planters in matte or glossy finishes are perfect additions to any modern commercial space. Not only can these planters be customized to fit different interiors and exteriors; they also create a lovely break from the straight lines and right angles of modern architecture.

Rectangular fiberglass planters, on the other hand, deliver a simple way to achieve a masterful display of modern geometric art. You can customize rectangular commercial planters in many different colors that better resonate with the overall ambience of your facility.

Coming down to classic tapered planters, these items allow designers and landscapers to create impressive arrangements. Furthermore, the fiberglass material in the right color can easily turn these planters into a statement decor element in any contemporary setting, while emphasizing and enhancing the natural beauty of plants. 

Although selecting commercial planters for a facility might seem simple, the elements can fade the color and make the material brittle, particularly in Southern climates. However, fiberglass commercial planters are weather resistant, so they hold their vibrant color over time.  

Used by many professional decorators and landscapers, our commercial fiberglass planters can artfully accentuate architectural details and create a unique ambience for any event or venue. To learn more about our commercial planters and how they can embellish your commercial facility or an upcoming event, please get in touch with our experienced professionals today! They’ll recommend the right planters for your facility, helping you create the exact individual style you want to infuse your space with.

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