4 Ways Planters Will Enhance Your Brand

Brand enhancement is something that is on everyone’s mind. In order to stay ahead of the curve, stay on everyone’s radar and boost your brand, it is important to think about planters! Fiberglass planters are a wonderful way to enhance your brand and make it something that will stand out from the crowd. Whether it is using the planter to emphasize brand colors, using planters as fencing, creating a unique flow, or adding a pop of color and texture, we are going to cover the four ways that planters will enhance your brand!

Emphasize Your Brand

With a variety of different colors, Jay Scotts is sure to have the right one for you! With custom orders, it is possible to get the fiberglass planters you want in the colors that fit your brand best. A cohesive look is essential in a business, because it allows customers to navigate the business and avoid being jarred or uncomfortable! With customization, it is also possible to further align the planters with your brand by placing a logo or other types of specific designs that make all customers think of your business no matter where they are.

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Create Privacy

Privacy can be very important for certain businesses, but it can sometimes be hard to achieve privacy without boring barriers that can also be expensive. Large fiberglass planters with large plants could be the perfect alternative! The benefit to planters over barriers, like walls, is that they can easily be rearranged and create privacy for different events, or different seasons, or just because you feel like doing a little redecoration! The great thing about fiberglass planters is that they’re incredibly lightweight. This means that moving all of the planters around is a breeze, and you can redecorate as many times as you want!

Create a Path

This is especially useful in hotels and similar industries, creating a path is essential! Having a walkway from one space to another is key when you are trying to make it clear where you want pedestrians to go. This can also be used to keep others safe when it comes to having to walk along a busy highway or other kinds of traffic. While all of this could be achieved with a few signs or a rope or a type of fencing, having fiberglass planters filled with lush greenery allows for a beautiful aesthetic that gives a welcoming atmosphere no matter where a consumer is.

Add Color

Whether you are using the planter for the color itself, or if you are planning on using the plants for color, just a little bit of pizazz is the perfect way to enhance your brand! There are many different options, ranging from minimalism to metallics. No matter what your brand is, having just this extra touch of something in the form of a fun fiberglass planter, allows for you to remain in the minds of all of your customers as a brand that has individuality and a nice comfortable feeling!

Jay Scotts planters are the perfect decor to take your brand and elevate it to the next level. Whether you want to focus on brand colors, create a space where customers can feel like they have some privacy, or just creating a flow, there are many different ways that a planter can emphasize your brand. For a complete look at the Jay Scotts catalog, be sure to download it today! The Jay Scotts blog is also a wonderful place to go for ideas for eco friendly design and knowing which planter is best for an outdoor space.

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