5 Attributes of Fiberglass Planters That Make You Say YES

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Fiberglass planters have been taking the planter world by storm, and for a good reason. Made of a fiberglass and resin and reinforced plastic material, it may seem that there is nothing so special about them. However, it is the opposite! Fiberglass planters are perfect for both interior and outer design, as well as a myriad of other pros from being lightweight and weather resistant to their low maintenance and modern design options that make them perfect for any scenario!

1. Lightweight

Fiberglass itself is a very light material, and this makes fiberglass planters lightweight! This is a wonderful perk for anyone who has to move these planters around for the perfect landscaping design. Even the tasking duty of moving a large fiberglass planter is a breeze. For those that consistently swap planters or change design layouts, having an easy to move planter can make all the difference! This is also perfect for being able to move the planters from indoor to outdoor without breaking a sweat. 

2. Weather Resistant

Fiberglass planters are very unique in that they are weather resistant. With fiberglass, there’s no need to worry about rain, snow or any other type of weather, because the planter will be just fine. Fiberglass is shatter-proof, which makes it the perfect choice for high-traffic areas. It is also frost resistant, which can save outdoor plants in a situation where winter starts to sneak in before it should. Finally, fiberglass planters are rust-proof, which means no ugly splotches after a rainy season.

3. Affordable

Affordability is key! When it comes to pulling together an interior or exterior design, everyone is going to be thinking about budget. Fiberglass planters are not only comparable cost wise to other chic planters, they are often easier on your budget in the long run because of their durability. With other planters being likely to chip, crack, shatter, or rust, these planters will often need to be replaced repeatedly, leading to a higher amount of money spent replacing them than would have been spent on fiberglass planters. 

4. Modern Design

There are many different design possibilities when it comes to fiberglass planters, but no matter which planter is chosen, it will have a sleek, modern look! They are very versatile, and all of the different design possibilities allow for them to be matched to almost any design scheme! Jay Scotts offers 18 different colors and finishes for planters, ranging from mattes to metallics and across the color spectrum! We can even apply custom color. 

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5. Low Maintenance

When running a business, there are a thousand different things that need to be taken care of. One of those things, when using fiberglass planters, is not cleaning the planters! Fiberglass planters are low maintenance. Their resin coating keep them from being vulnerable to chips and scratches, and the resin also keeps chemicals and minerals from building up on the planter. When those chemicals build up, they can cause planters to seem dull and dingy. With fiberglass, however, all it takes is a washcloth, warm water, and little bit of soap to have them looking brand new.

There are a thousand reasons to choose fiberglass planters for your designs, but these five attributes are something that make them the right choice in any scenario! They are extremely lightweight, making them easy to move. They are weather resistant, giving options for indoor and outdoor scenarios. Their affordability and modern design make them a wonderful option for any person, whether it is for a home or for a company. Their low maintenance is a key selling point to anyone who is seeking a more hands off approach. For a full list of fiberglass planters that Jay Scotts has to offer, be sure to look at their vast collection, and bring fiberglass planters into your life today!

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