5 Reasons Interiorscapers Choose Fiberglass Containers For Their Events

Interiorscapers Choose Fiberglass Containers for Their Events

For interiorscapers, choosing the perfect planters to accentuate an event can be at times be difficult. Planters can be used to accentuate features or set the tone of a room, impacting the way that people feel during the event and determining how well the night goes. There are many reasons that interior landscapers choose fiberglass planters for their events – they are durable, movable, adaptable, budget friendly and nonporous, among many other reasons!


Fiberglass planters are incredibly durable. They are shatter-proof and weatherproof, meaning that they can be moved inside to outside, or vice versa, with no problems. The planters being shatter-proof is a huge benefit for interiorscapers, because it means that they won’t have to spend any time worrying about a planter being damaged during the event. Other planters, especially terra cotta planters, are prone to shattering, and if they were in a high traffic area, it could mean needing to clean up planter shards if someone were to bump into them during the event, or worse tending to someone’s wounds because they became injured.


Fiberglass planters are shockingly lightweight! Though they are incredibly sturdy and well put together, which for most other planters means a far heavier weight, fiberglass planters have a light weight that allows for easy shifting and moving before and after events. This allows for more customization of the event, and allows for interiorscapers to really make their vision come true without having to haul heavy planters.


Adaptability and customization is something that isn’t available in every planter. Most of the materials that other planters are made of allow for little in the way of individuality, but luckily, fiberglass planters can be customized with shape, and with color. Not every event is going to be the same, and therefore, not every planter should be the same! Having the freedom to choose exactly what kind of planter fits their vision is a reason why interiorscapers just can’t stay away from fiberglass planters.

Budget Friendly

Though many seem to think these planters are not budget-friendly, fiberglass planters are extremely convenient for budgeting. Replacing planters over and over can get expensive, even if it is just plastic planters that are being replaced. Heavier planters, like terra cotta planters, are just as expensive, if not more expensive, than fiberglass planters, but with none of the durability. Terra cotta planters in high traffic areas that get bumped and chipped or shatter will have to be replaced far more than fiberglass planters will be. Having fiberglass planters to be able to use over and over again is a perfect money saving tool for those that plan events and use planters interchangeably.


Fiberglass is known for being nonporous – and that’s a good thing! The way that the planter is made, with fiberglass coated in resin, is known for being watertight. This means that all of the water put into the planter will go straight to the plant! With other more porous materials, plants need to be watered more often, which may not be something that interior designers have time to do while planning an event. With fiberglass planters, they can be watered and left to their own devices for longer periods of time, keeping the plants happy and healthy and events running smoothly.

There are many reasons that fiberglass planters are the right choice, and the ones mentioned above are just a few of the reasons why interiorscapers choose fiberglass planters for their events, as well as other installments. Fiberglass planters offer peace of mind in a multitude of ways, which is something that can make any interiorscaper’s life far easier. Jay Scotts offers a wide variety of planters in various colors, sure to fit any event in every way! Download the catalog today, and choose fiberglass for your next event.

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