5 Reasons Senior Living Communities Choose Fiberglass Planters

Commercial Fiberglass Planters

The landscapes at senior living communities play several very important roles. First, of course, is their first impression they make on newcomers, be they potential residents or visiting family members. A gorgeous and well-maintained front, side, and back yards show that a place is well cared for and well-maintained. A place that takes pride in its appearance is a place a person is going to want to live or want their family members to live in. Then there are the ongoing benefits for those who live and work at a senior living community. Plants and beautiful landscaping with things like water fountains and sitting areas have been shown to reduce stress, improve happiness, and have positive physical benefits. So if you own, manage, or otherwise work at a senior living community, then keeping your inside and outside green spaces beautiful should be a  top priority. One thing that can help you do so is the inclusion of fiberglass planters.

Fiberglass planters have increasingly become the top choice among professional landscapers and interior gardeners for use in many different commercial and residential properties like senior living communities. The following are just a few of the top reasons why so many are swapping out their old containers or re-designing current spaces with fiberglass planters in mind and why you should too:

5 Reasons Senior Living Communities Choose Fiberglass Planters

  1. Outstanding durability. Fiberglass is an amazingly durable material, in fact, it’s so durable that fiberglass is what most modern boats are made out of today — including those boats who spend decades out in harsh saltwater conditions. And a material that is durable enough to withstand saltwater, rainwater, corrosion, biocide paint, coral, and so many other ocean-related things is surely durable enough to withstand the elements experienced on land. Fiberglass planters are fade-resistant, corrosion-proof, chemical-resistant, and are not prone to cracking or splintering no matter how long they are outside. 
  2. Incredibly low maintenance. Operating or managing a senior living community is already a lot of work, so keeping things low-maintenance ought to be a priority whenever incorporating a new product or design element. Fiberglass planters are certainly this as they require only occasional cleaning with soap and water. 
  3. Lightweight and plant-oriented design. Fiberglass is incredibly strong and durable and yet it’s also incredibly light (another reason why it’s so frequently used in boat designs). Fiberglass planters offer good drainage and insulation for sensitive plants but are also light enough that they can be easily repositioned. If your senior living facility has a greenhouse, resident volunteers, or a full range of season, then you’ll appreciate how easy these style planters are to rotate, reposition, and move when needed by the season or sunlight.
  4. Great range of style, finishes, and colors. While terracotta may have that classic pottery look, these types of planters are fairly limited in their design. Pots themselves are very limited in their construction. In contrast, fiberglass planters can be found or even custom constructed to meet virtually any style, size, or shape you desire. Likewise, there are a plethora of finishes and colors to choose from. 
  5. Great value. With all that they offer — great style, great versatility, great durability, and ease of care — you might think that fiberglass planters would be at the pricier end. However, fiberglass planters are very affordable and due to their durability and long-lifespan, are a great investment for senior living communities looking to replace their planters or otherwise reinvigorate their landscape design. 

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