5 Reasons You Should Add Commercial Planters to Your Property This Fall

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Fall is approaching, and now is the time to start thinking about how your landscape will be changing with the seasons. For many companies, commercial planters are a perfect solution to keep the area around their buildings looking clean and professional even as the weather cools down. Here are five reasons you should be looking at commercial planters today:

Keeping Your Landscape Lively

Trust us, you’re not alone if your commercial building starts to look depressing and dead during the winter. Most businesses only worry about landscaping during the summer months. However, a burst of color in a commercial planter can really show your customers that you are taking charge of the landscape year round. Without planters, the approach to your business might just look incomplete or like something important is missing. Fill in the dead space with something lively instead.

Reducing Maintenance

Another important benefit of commercial planters is cutting down on the amount of maintenance that is required during the fall. If you stick with grass and native trees, you are likely to have lots of leaves and debris to clean up once fall is in full swing. By landscaping with commercial planters, you can actually minimize the amount of upkeep by keeping your plants smaller and more centralized. This means that leaves won’t be strewn across walkways and cleanup will be simple.

Creating Visual Cues

Adding planters outdoors is a great way to manage traffic inside and out of your business. Planters keep the walkways clearly defined and clearly identify where the front door is. Especially during the cooler months, customers don’t want to be walking any further than they have to in order to reach your doors, and they definitely don’t want to be stepping on slippery leaves or muddy pathways caused by poorly defined walkways.

Celebrate the Season

Just because the weather is cooling off, doesn’t mean your planters can’t add something to the character of your business. Creating beautifully themed planters is a great way to show customers that you are in celebrating the spirit of the season inside as well. Customers really love to stop and look at businesses that are all dressed up for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and other holidays. Planters give you a dedicated space to exercise your creativity!

Adding Cozy Gathering Places

Who doesn’t love sitting outside to observe the changing of the leaves and the cooler weather in the fall? If you want customers to spend some time lingering around your place of business, commercial planters are the perfect solution. They can be used to create small gathering areas with natural boundaries. They can also be combined with seating for a multi-purpose backrest and barrier. When combined with seating and a small table or firepit, it’s easy to convince guests to stay for dessert or order one more drink.

These are just five great reasons that you should be considering commercial planters for your business this fall. The end of the summer growing season is the perfect time to amp up your outdoor landscape with a fresh pop of color and decor to fit the changing weather. Your guests will be impressed with your decorative spirit, and they will love the fact that your business never takes on the dull look of the winter. Plus, the better you plan your planters, the less work you will have to do outdoors when it really cools off. For more information about beautiful commercial planter designs, visit Jay Scotts online today or talk to one of our planter experts about designing the perfect planters to fit your business. Act now as the time is drawing near to break out the rakes and leaf blowers.

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