5 Tips For Creating Privacy With Commercial Planters

The world of landscape design is constantly changing, indirectly revealing how we’re evolving as a society. It is for this reason, contemporary landscape design isn’t only attractive, making commercial properties look more inviting; it also takes into account our need for privacy and functionality.

In recent years, space functionality and customer privacy have become increasingly important for many businesses. The good news is that a business doesn’t need to be located off the beaten path for customers to find the peace, relaxation and privacy they’re looking for.

Nowadays, many businesses located in the heart of vibrant cities offer a tranquil and relaxing oasis from the hustle and bustle of city life. That’s because they implement the following five industry tips, which allow them to create more functional and private areas by simply using commercial fiberglass planters.

1. Opt for potted trees or bushy plants in large commercial planters

Small trees and bushy plants in large commercial fiberglass planters, like the Saint Tropez Bullet Round Planter, placed around certain areas throughout your commercial property can help you offer your guests the privacy they expect.

Commercial Tall Extra Large Planter is a great choice to offer privacy

Besides providing visual protection, using different potted trees or plants that spread out wide as they grow creates a more serene atmosphere, while adding amazing texture, shape, and volume to your commercial property.

Placing potted trees and shrubs around specific areas to ensure privacy isn’t only a friendly way to keep out prying eyes of passers-by; it also allows you to block out noise from adjacent properties. According to USDA research, trees can suppress noise by up to 50%.

commercial planters to ensure privacy and block out noise
Potted trees and shrubs to ensure privacy in a friendly way and to block out noise from adjacent properties. Trees can suppress noise by up to 50%.

2. Use dense evergreens with fiberglass planters in appropriate sizes and colors

Dense evergreen plants, such as Lilly pillies and Spartan juniper, are very popular choices to ensure the year-round privacy of different areas. Although many landscapers, interiorscapers and decorators prefer to use non-flowering evergreens to create living privacy screens.

This classic look can be easily spiced up with flowering trees or shrubs, such as dwarf Magnolia trees or Sasanqua camellias, installed in stylish commercial fiberglass planters, like the Spiral Modern Fiberglass Planter. For a unique twist, you can grow a non-flowering evergreen together with a beautiful climbing plant, like Mandevilla vine or Star jasmine, in the same planter.

3. Adorn privacy screens with plants in fiberglass planters

Sometimes, privacy screens, like trellises, wattle screens or wood-lattice fences, provide some interesting design elements that can be used to complete the look of commercial properties.

One way to make these screens more appealing is to complement them with creative combinations of different climbing plants and simple fiberglass containers. For instance, climbing plants like ivy or roses installed in several Potsdam Rectangular Fiberglass Planter Boxes and placed along trellises will twine up these structures, creating some really gorgeous privacy plant screens.

Trellises, wattle screens, wood-lattice fences and other privacy screens adorned with climbing plant varieties are also excellent options for embellishing narrow spaces.

4. Create an outdoor “living room”

One way to update your business with a contemporary vibe while ensuring the privacy of your customers or guests is to bring the indoors outside. People have always loved spending time outdoors, even when boring wooden benches and white plastic chairs filled the terraces and gardens of commercial properties.

Now, the latest landscape design trends encourage us to bring the comfort of the indoors outside and create livable spaces that offer the privacy people expect.

An outdoor “living room” nestled in the corner of your commercial property will offer privacy to guests or customers, while exuding a quiet, more homey ambiance. One point worth mentioning is that you can create an outdoor “living room” without installing fences or raising walls.

To cover exposed areas, you could simply use tall commercial fiberglass planters, like our Brannan Round Tapered Fiberglass Planter, with appropriately tall, leafy plants to grow living walls.

5. Consider the latest Landscape Design Trends

A very popular trend right now is the use of multiple levels of plants in commercial fiberglass planters to create depth and differentiation in landscaping.

This technique allows you to layer trees, shrubs, ornamental grasses and perennials to provide a more natural and intriguing outdoor design that can be utilized for multiple purposes, including ensuring the privacy of your guests or customers.

Another landscape design trend that continues to rise in popularity is the use of asymmetric styles with unstructured curves and edges. This look allows businesses to integrate their landscape seamlessly into the natural world around them.

Because our commercial fiberglass planters make great space dividers, while still emphasizing the open-concept feel, they can be used to frame pools, dining areas, event spaces, restaurant patios, office break areas and any other places where a bit of extra privacy is welcomed.

To learn more about the commercial fiberglass planters we make available, please contact Jay Scotts Collection today!

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