5 Ways Planters Can Add Curb Appeal To Your Business

5 Ways Planters Can Add Curb Appeal to Your Business (1)

Curb appeal is an important marketing strategy for any small or medium sized business. The idea behind curb appeal is simply that dressing up your business will entice more people to walk through your doors, and those individuals will often be willing to pay more for products and services because of the upscale environment. The return on investment for curb appeal is very high, and it doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, adding planters is a great way to boost curb appeal in no time! Here are five simple ways to add curb appeal to your business.

Add A Splash of Color

Very few commercial buildings are known for being pretty. Most commercial buildings and shopping centers look bland and unexciting. With planters, you can add drops of color that conceal plain grey walls and bring out a bit more character. Passersby are often drawn to bright colors, and it gives your business a fresh, hip look that drums up curiosity. If none of your neighbors have planters, the effects can be even more pronounced, helping you stand out in a crowded strip mall or along a busy street.

Draw Attention to Your Sign

If you have a sign out by the road that has aged a little bit, you might want to add planters to spruce it up. This can be quite a bit more affordable than purchasing a whole new sign, but it can certainly revitalize the look. Make sure you don’t accidentally block the sign with your new fiberglass planters, but you can place them all around to form a changing visual impact. Colorful flowers, trees, and other plants will make a strong visual impact that draws the eye toward the sign immediately. This is especially important if people currently drive past without even noticing your sign.

Create a Private Patio Space

Whether you have a coffee shop, a restaurant, or even a bookstore, fiberglass planters can be used effectively to create a private patio space outside your business. This secret little nook helps boost curb appeal by inviting guests in to relax and enjoy the quiet atmosphere. Bushes and trees are very effective at filtering out street noise and creating comfortable shade. You can build your very own premium gathering space for next to nothing when you use creative planters instead of fencing or walls.

Get Into the Season

Consumers are very drawn to businesses that get into seasonal celebrations and themes. No matter what kind of business you are running, you can use your planters to indulge in the festivities. Decorate your fiberglass planters for holidays, choose plants that bloom throughout the year to create different color themes and patterns, and add other features to your planters to tie the whole look together. Your guests will enjoy the spirit and creativity that goes into your planter displays throughout the year, and your staff can also be inspired by the opportunity to do something fun and festive. The more your team gets in on the fun, the more your customers will feel the positive energy around them.

Light up the Way

Planters also provide a great place to conceal speakers and lights around your business for a complete audio and visual experience. If you are looking for ways to make your business appear friendlier, adding gentle music in the background and colored lights is a great way to make it happen. Using colored lights inside of your fiberglass planters can really add some life to your trees and flowers as the leaves and flowers reflect the colors outward. Late night businesses can really take advantage of this to create the ideal atmosphere for gathering with friends or family.

If your business needs a facelift, contact Jay Scotts today. We have a full collection of fiberglass planters that are perfect for adding curb appeal. When you start adding planters, you will be amazed by how much more welcoming your business can be, and how easy it is to create fun and enticing themes that your customers will really love.

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