A Few Things To Consider When Buying Planters for Your Commercial Projects


You have your business plan, your goals set and you are almost ready to greet your clients; now it’s time to design your space. In planning your commercial space, whether it’s office, retail or wholesale, planters add dimension and subtle signals to the client that you are the best in the business. Plants add to the professional appearance of your business.

Plants brighten commercial space and make customers feel comfortable and welcomed. Regardless of the commercial use, the light-weight fiberglass planters for your plants make designing easy, fun and versatile for any future plans and expansion.

The First Impression

Consider using planters at an entryway. Whether your clients have made a special trip to see you, have an appointment, or have stumbled upon you by accident, the entryway is your client’s first impression of you. Making a statement here is a big step in the buyer/seller relationship regardless of product or service. We suggest placing tall trees in large colorful planters, perhaps in colors that compliment your logo, at the entryways to make a bold statement and welcome clients to your business. Remember to plant trees that require little or no maintenance so that you can concentrate on business. The only thing your planters will require is your enjoyment!

Using Planters to Direct Foot Traffic

A discreet way to direct your clientele to certain areas of your commercial establishment is to design walkways within the confines of your space. Small spaces, however, will not limit you in your design ideas. Using the Hudson Large Rectangular Planter with traditional Snake Plants will lead people to the sales area, receptionist or other designated areas.

Fiberglass Planters are the most versatile and light-weight planters on the market. With the ability to move easily from one location to another, it makes cleaning of your fiberglass planters a breeze. Another benefit that you will enjoy is the ability to make a new floor arrangement of your business from time to time. Without the risk of breaking, your quality fiberglass planters or your back, moving your planters will offer a lifetime of service.


In your chosen profession, there will be certain items that are required in your business. Perhaps desks, showcases, or counters are necessary but the hardness of those surfaces can create echos. Open areas also present some acoustical challenges. Consider using several Lyon Fiberglass Rectangular Planters with your favorite plant to dull the echo where limited furniture exists. Along with the planters, the plants themselves help provide a more intimate area for conducting your business.

If you provide television or radio in your establishment for clients enjoyment, planters again help dull the over-bearing noise that is sometimes associated with it. Plants help absorb sound and help eliminate echos.

Real Estate

If your business profession includes selling or leasing residential or commercial property, staging your model unit is essential to closing the deal. Make appealing surroundings where clients can envision themselves living or working with their clients is important. Add the fiberglass planters as an extra incentive as part of the transaction real estate transaction. That will be money well spent.

Hospitality Industry

In designing commercial space in the hospitality industry, flexibility is a must. The ability to easily remove and replace items in lobbies, depending on the season and decorating ideas, is imperative in staying current as well as attracting and keeping guests. Large tropical plants in indoor pool areas adorned with the Globe Modern Fiberglass Planter also help cut down on the echo effect and provide an oasis-type feeling. Outdoor pool areas can certainly benefit from tropical plants in a stylish planter or two.

Your business is on it’s way to success. Sit back and enjoy the flexibility of your fiberglass planters knowing you have made a decision that you and your business will benefit from for a lifetime.

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