Are Fiberglass Planters Just As Durable As Steel Planters

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Are Fiberglass Planters Just as Durable as Steel Planters_

When trying to determine the perfect planter for your next project, there are some questions that have to be asked. Is it stylish? Will it fit where you need it to? Sometimes, most importantly, the biggest question is whether or not fiberglass planters are as durable as an alternative, such as steel planters. 

The answer, simply, is yes! Fiberglass planters are just as durable, if not more durable than steel planters, and here are some explanations of why, including comparisons in ability to rust, weather durability, color fading, and durability against denting. 


One of the many benefits of fiberglass planters is that they do not rust. Steel planters, whether left outside or kept inside, are susceptible to rust. Considering the importance of watering plants, it is incredibly common for steel planters to start showing damage signs. If they do not, they tend to run at a higher price than certain cheaper steel alternatives, leaving a debate between paying more, or dealing with the hassle of replacement. Fiberglass planters, however, do not have any risk for rusting due to the lack of iron in the planter composition. The only rust you’ll find in Jay Scotts planters is the lovely metallic bronze finish available in multiple planter styles, including this Salzburg Round


Most everyone has experienced the scalding burn of a seatbelt clasp on a hot day, or the feeling of ice cold steel on a frigid winter morning. Steel planters are just as susceptible to the elements as any other steel! While the planter itself may continue on, the heat can cook plant roots and cause irreparable damage, while the cold can freeze the plant roots and accomplish the same thing. Fiberglass planters are not susceptible to heat or cold, meaning that plants are safer year-round, and that can save you money in the long run. 


In the durability of color, fiberglass planters are well known for colors that last through seasons. The unique way of forming fiberglass planters from fiberglass and resin allows for a unique, long-lasting color that will not fade with time, or fade due to weather. Steel planters, because of their sensitivity to heat and cold, will often lose color quicker than fiberglass and need to be replaced long before the fiberglass planter. A wonderful example of the vibrancy of fiberglass planters is the Jay Scotts Bonn Low Rectangular Planter in sea foam. 

Along with color, metal finishes on steel planters can wear away with time. Fertilizer salts, which can be imperative to keeping certain plants alive, can cause finishes to polish off, leaving a messy look behind. Fiberglass planters, in all of their colors and finishes, are not susceptible and will stay looking good as new. 


Thinner metals, while they may not break or crack, are susceptible to dents. Planters can be placed anywhere in the house, and sometimes, conditions aren’t ideal for keeping them out of all harms reach. With fiberglass planters, which do not break, crack or dent, there is no need to worry! These planters can be placed anywhere with the peace of mind that a slight bump will not marr the surface. 

Fiberglass planters are an investment, but one that makes sense. Their ability to withstand the elements means that they can carry on through seasons with little to no impact on the plants or the planters. Their beautiful color will last even through months of direct sunlight, and will not wash away or be impacted by fertilizers or fertilizer salts. On top of that, their hard material will keep all planters free from bumps, bruises and dents no matter where they are placed, or what traffic passes by them. 

For any other questions, or more information on why fiberglass planters are the investment for you, don’t hesitate to reach out and ask one of our professionals!

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