Areas to Place your Fiberglass Planters!

So now you have a Fiberglass Planter.

Congratulations on purchasing your assortment of fiberglass planters, you have made a great choice in your interior design. Now, where are you planning on putting it? We polled some of our customers from the last year and came up with the five most common areas to place your fiberglass planters!

office planters

Where to Put your Fiberglass Planter!

Your Desk

“Can’t go wrong with the desk, it’s a great way to have something at your work that isn’t mass-produced.”

Having a fiberglass planter at the desk can create a soothing, zen-like experience that will increase your work flow and make it a more relaxing occupation.

The Corner

“We place ours in the corner near the front entrance of the office, that way when people walk in they get a breath of fresh air.”

Most of our planters are form fitting and appealing to put in the corner of your office.


“It’s great for obscuring the inside of the restaurant from prying eyes, and the planter itself blends with the colors of the awning.”

A windowsill is a common place for the planter to go. With our long, rectangular planters and tall plants, you can create natural walls in your office or restaurant.


“We keep two small planters on our balcony next to the smokers poles; it makes the atmosphere much classier.”

For those who have offices or locations on the upper floor, bringing a few plants to the top floor is soothing and relaxing.


“Our planters are on our patio, we created a walkway using our planters and stretching them out to the street.”

The planters work great as accent pieces, and as centerfold pieces, the choice is yours!

Jay Scotts

Jay Scotts employs the best practices in the world of fiberglass planters. If you are having problems determining what type of style you would like to use for your business, then you should consider giving us a call or e-mail, and we can help you find the style that is best for you!

Planter Comparison Chart

Planter Comparison Chart

A detailed comparison of Fiberglass Planters with 6 other planter materials. Use the chart to convince your clients!

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