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What is Art Nouveau?

Art Nouveau, sometimes referred to as Glasgow art (due to where it originated), is a very luxurious art style. Often defined as blending geometric and organic shapes together in an elegant form, they are often seen as these gleaming and long decorative styles.

While most of the styles preceding it were always balanced with muted tones such as greens, yellows, and browns, the idea is to replace those with pop colors, often stated as being gold and ruby or sometimes gorgeous and stark contrasts of black and white.

The difference between Nouveau and Deco

The difference between Nouveau and Deco is quaint and subtle and predominately revolves structure.

art nouveau interior design Art Deco

Art Nouveau stemmed from the surrealism movement and then became a practical attempt at weaving dreams and reality together. So you will often have these long, dripping shapes, which are accentuated with these gaudy colors as the foundation. So you could have a piece that’s predominately gold spackled with these not-so-subtle accent pieces of ruby and emerald.

Art Deco, on the other hand, is much more grounded and balanced. This came during the time of the flappers and the roaring twenties, so recent movies such as Great Gatsby covered that style in detail. Art Deco instead employed simple and structured geometry, symmetry and striking duo-color features. Black and Gold, Ruby and White, and were a blend of the previous style but with elements of Chinese, African, and Mesoamerican design placed in.

The Characteristics of Art Nouveau

art nouveau

Art Nouveau is best remembered by its outlier Gustav Klimt, who took the principles and turned it into a beautiful and lavish colo

r set. However, to capture this practically in an interior, we will look towards the medians of Art Nouveau and not the outliers.

Complex Geometry – Firstly, you will always see these setpieces of complex geometry. Between flanged and webbed chandeliers and chair meshes, to subtle flourishes on coffee tables.

Four Colors – Your best bet color palate will be of two contrasting colors with two close colors on the color wheel. You’re looking at Black and White with green and brown as complementing are a great way to employ this practically. Of course, the best way to achieve green and brown color complementing would be through the use of strategic planters, and we also offer ours in over 12 different color varieties.

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Straight Lines belong on the Floor and the Walls – Since this has a dreamy and attractive design, your best bet is to keep your straight lines for the walls and floor. This will help bring balance to your office while still creating striking images.

Jay Scotts Art Nouveau Interior Design

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