Beer Gardens and Planters – Growing Popularity

With the rising popularity of craft beers, (please drink responsibly), so has the rise of Beer Gardens throughout the world. The original concept was born in Bavaria as a way to keep beer cool. Beer was stored in cellars underground, and gardens were planted above ground as a way to further insulate the cellars. Now, it is a place to hang out and make new friends. Beers like “Blessed Golden Ale” by Back Forty Brewing, only brewed yearly, are ideal for Fall or Winter consumption.

A variety of styles or settings make each beer garden a unique experience worth exploring. In colder climates, a warm and cozy outside courtyard can be transformed into a beer garden. One way to add to the ambiance is with Fiberglass Planters adorned with plants that can endure those colder climates. Place several planters like the Camoux Rectangular Planter to define a space, and create a unique setting for beer and wine lovers to gather. Place English Boxwood that can be trimmed to fit, or let it grow into a beautiful hedge for privacy. Jay Scotts Fiberglass Planters are designed to maintain their structural integrity and beauty in any weather conditions. Made of quality fiberglass, the planters will be beautiful in your beer garden all through the winter months of serving what’s on tap.

In keeping with the original concepts of beer gardens, an open area is an inviting place to mingle and enjoy music. Live music, however, can have a “deafening” effect. Fiberglass planters and the plants they house will act as a buffer to soften any echoes that may exist. Create a vertical wall of cascading plants with the Tiergarden Rectangular Rail Planter at several levels along railings that can be built will little cost. Fill with the fragrant Aubrieta Cascade Purple Rock Cress Perennial. These are hardy from Zones 4-9 but not suited for Zone 3. Perennials come back year after year so there will be no need to replant. Just feed, water and occasionally remove dead leaves. This will create a great conversation piece in your setting.

A casual and intimate atmosphere or a boisterous and lively place, a Beer Garden is a place to gather and enjoy a brew with friends. Add planters with the cold weather Creeping Jenny (hardy to U.S. Planting Zone 3), around your picnic tables or hightops. This, too, will add ambiance and style making your beer garden a place people will want to come again and again.

Spring and Summer Beer Gardens

In milder climates, there are a few more choices for maintenance-free plants in your beer garden. However, the care of the planters remains the same – minimal care required. Check your Planting Zones to determine what is best. The less maintenance you have on plants and planters the more time can be dedicated to your craft.

Residential Beer Gardens

Beer Gardens aren’t just for retail consumers in busy restaurant districts. If you’re a landscaping professional, you can transform your client’s backyard or patio into a private oasis to entertain. Add character to smaller areas with wall of Hong Kong Tall Square Planters in several sizes, colors, and textures.

Don’t worry about an occasional spilled drink. Fiberglass planters are easily cleaned with a simple solution. While the plant may suffer from an alcohol spill, the planters will not. A simple cleaning solution will have them looking new all year around.

Whether for a commercial beer garden, home interior or exterior, each planter is manufactured by skilled craftsmen and painted in automotive paint with UV protection. Unlike planters made of plastic or terra cotta, your fiberglass planters will provide a lifetime of service while maintaining their original beauty.

To further explore ideas for designing your beer garden, please download our catalog or visit a distributor.

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