Bring Sophistication and Sleek Lines To Your Outdoor Space with Designer Planters

Bring Sophistication to Your Outdoor Space With Our Planters

While some people love the country cottage look for their backyard, the current trend is moving more toward sleek and sophisticated outdoor spaces. The key to dressing up your outdoor patio area is choosing designer planters that play a central role in your color scheme and design aesthetic. If you’re looking for ways to create a more formal gathering area outdoors, consider these tips.

Rectangular Planters

With strong angular features, rectangular planters are the right choice for many modern spaces. You can find rectangular planters that come in a variety of sizes so you can adjust the height, length, and width to suit your vision. For instance, tall, thin rectangular planters are perfect for outlining your space and creating a faux privacy wall. Meanwhile, short and wide planters are a perfect centerpiece for people to gather around. You can mix in a few cube shaped planters, like our Montroy cube as well to really make the whole thing pop. Rectangular and cubic planters are a good starting point to build a whole modern industrial look off of.

Color Scheme

If you want something sleek, you should probably stick to black, white and grey colors for your planters. However, you can still achieve sophistication with a pop of color. For instance, using a candy apple red or bright blue color as an accent will help bring your space to life without making it feel too whimsical. Make sure your furniture matches your main color scheme and choose a few brightly colored pillows to go with your accent planter to tie it all together. While you’re at it, place your accent planter in a location that draws people into the space, but doesn’t overwhelm them. If it is a large accent piece, it usually works best to place it in the far corner away from the entry to your deck or patio. If it is a smaller planter, it might work well as a centerpiece as long as it doesn’t block the view.

Creative and Sophisticated

Just because you hope to have a sophisticated space doesn’t mean it has to be dull. There are plenty of intriguing planters that have a creative twist. For instance, planters that are shaped like globes, or look like twisted vases. These unique designs look just right with your more straight-edged planters. Oftentimes they are painted with silver or chrome reflective paint to give them a unique mirrored appearance. If you do not want to add a brightly colored accent piece to your outdoor space, one of these artistic pieces is a perfect substitute and will keep with your color scheme.

Planter Groupings

Another common tactic for building a modern space is to group planters of various sizes together to create the appearance of something more complex. This is easy to do with rectangular or cubic planters because you can choose three or four different sizes and shapes in different shades and set them off from each other like blocks. The contrasting colors look good together, and the straight lines are accentuated by the new design you’ve created. Add a variety of different plant types to each designer planter and you can create even more contrast.

Designer planters are a simple and cost-effective way to turn a plain outdoor space into a modern, sophisticated meeting place. Jay Scotts offers a number of modern and contemporary planter designs that are perfect for adding sleek lines to any area. With the help of rectangular and cubic planters, along with our full catalog of artistic modern pieces, and a huge selection of color choices, you can fully customize your outdoor space for any formal gathering or party.

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