Bringing the Bohemian Style to your Office!

What is the Boho Style?

Bohemian style (Boho for short) is all about having a rustic, free and open, style. Inspired by Moroccan style, there are usually a lot of textiles and plants for a laidback ambiance.

The incorporation of plants is incredibly important. Since most companies that want to go for the Boho style will still want to have the professionalism of an office setting while still maintaining a laid back style. When done correctly, this can have a magnificent effect on your customers.

How to capture that boho style

Invest in Quality Planters – Boho style is all about life! You need to make sure there are plants and planters around the office space. Having natural plants instead of fake plants is a necessity and letting them grow wild and free is a great way to capture the boho style!

bohemian style Lively Colors – There are countless muted blues, teals, and aquas in the typical boho style. But if you really want to make the colors stand out and mix with the style, go for a brushed-paint look.

Throw a Rug Down – Finally, countless rugs and mats are featured in the bohemian style. Having a well placed Persian or oriental rug will add all the needed flair for your new Fung Shui office.

Adorn the Walls – There should be no shortage of things to look at. Be selective by including mirrors and vintage photographs. These are always attention grabbing and bring a little extra oomph to your office.

Jay Scotts

Our Fiberglass planters can not only house the plants you should have for your office, but we can also have them made in a wide assortment of colors.

Jay Scotts provides high-quality fiberglass planter for offices, resorts, and convention centers alike. If you are looking for the best planters to match whatever style you are looking for, look no further than us!

Jay Scotts Fiberglass Planters

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