Can Fiberglass Planters Work With Your Commercial Timeline


If you’re on a tight timeline, having your planters installed and planted can be stressful. Not only does it take time to have the planters measured, finished and shipped, but once they arrive they must be laid out properly and all the plants must be purchased and ready for the big day. Fortunately, fiberglass planters are a safe bet if you are trying to meet deadlines because they are so light weight and easy to work with.

Choosing Your Fiberglass Planters

Unlike wood and metal planters, fiberglass planters can be finished quickly and easily by the distributors. Whether you want a custom design or something bold and colorful, Jay Scotts is able to finish our unique fiberglass planters in no time at all. Simply measure the space you have and decide on the shape and size of the planters you will use for your design. Then you can go online, view the entire catalog of commercial planters, and discover a huge range of styles available. Once you’ve chosen a style you like, you will have the opportunity to select from 16 different colors with either a matte or glossy finish. These colors range from modern black and white to retro green and tangerine. Custom colors matching is an option as well. Once you have chosen the color you want, the process begins.

Sticking to Your Timeline

The best part of using fiberglass planters is that Jay Scotts can customize our planter finishes to work with your color scheme. While custom shaped designs take longer, our current selection of planters can be finished in any color or finish you want in no time at all. Our topcoat finishes cure quickly and can be shipped out as soon as they are dry to ensure that you are on track for your deadlines.

If you want a custom planter, allow time for the process. A gypsum sculpture will be created with dimensions provided. An original mold is then made from the sculpture. Once this mold is created, production begins. Expect the custom design process to take 90-120 days from consultation to delivery. If you have a strict timeline, be prepared to order your planters far enough in advance so we can create and manufacture the planters to meet your timeline.

Plant Away

Once your planters arrive, you should quickly inspect them for any signs of shipping damage, and then you can start planting right away. If you have chosen a self-watering system, prepare the water setup to run the system. Otherwise, it’s as easy as filling the planter with soil and placing your plants. You should be able to have all of your plants arranged in the planter in no time at all, and ready for a beautiful display when you open your doors for the first time. Once your planters are in place, it only takes a quick wipe down with some water to keep them looking great.

Fiberglass planters are often used by hotels, restaurants and other businesses who are celebrating a grand opening or undergoing a major renovation. These planters are extremely versatile and easy to order so you can enjoy all of their many benefits without stressing about delivery and installation timelines. You can order any style or color that we offer and Jay Scotts can get it done. To learn more, visit our commercial planter catalog online or view our gallery to see some of our most creative planter installations to date.

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