Clean Lines and Your Next Design – Why Fiberglass Planters Work

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Fiberglass planters have recently become an essential part of contemporary commercial design. While some design trends come and go, simple design elements like fiberglass planters, which often confer an elegant, sophisticated look to interior and exterior spaces, can stand the test of time.
In addition to their clean lines and beautiful finishes, fiberglass planters possess another important characteristic: versatility. This characteristic makes fiberglass planters suitable for use in any commercial setting. What’s more, the varying shapes and colors of these planters offer endless design options that business owners, landscapers, interiorscapers and designers can use to change both the look and function of different spaces.

If you’re looking for new ways to enhance the ambiance of a commercial space, this blog post reveals how modern fiberglass planters can be used to add style and set an elegant, relaxing mood.

Fiberglass Planters Deliver the Right Shapes for Any Design Project

Bringing ease and sophistication wherever they are used, fiberglass planters make nice additions to commercial design, as long as the right shapes and colors are selected. Because fiberglass planters are also lightweight, they can be easily moved around to evolve with design trends. As planters are rearranged according to the latest trends, businesses can maintain a fresh look and attract more customers with ease.

Once you decide on the location of your fiberglass planters, it’s important to consider the shape of each planter in order to ensure it perfectly fits the overall design. Jay Scotts Collection offers a wide variety of fiberglass planter shapes that can match different locations and purposes. Let’s take a look at different planter shapes and find out how you can use them in design projects. 

Rectangle and Square Fiberglass Planters

Low rectangle and square planters, like the Kiel Fiberglass Planter Box and Montroy Cube Fiberglass Planter, provide some sleek, space-saving, non-obstructive design elements that can complete the look of low flower arrangements. Conversely, taller rectangular and square planters, such as the Perth Fiberglass Planter Box and Santiago Tall Square Fiberglass Planter, are excellent options for dividing up spaces and offering privacy to guests. Tall planters are also an excellent choice to create a high-impact focal point, regardless of the shape of an area.

Round and Oval Fiberglass Planters

Round and oval fiberglass planters with graceful curves, such as the Alicante Ribbed Round Fiberglass Planter and Tegel Round Fiberglass Planter, can visually soften harsh lines in different spaces. They can also perfectly complement and even emphasize specific architectural details, such as round columns and arch-shaped openings. In addition to round and oval fiberglass planters, we make available the Globe Modern Fiberglass Planter and Spiral Modern Fiberglass Planter. While the former planter, with its simple sphere-shaped design, evokes a sense of completion and wholeness, the latter can add instant design interest and dynamism to any commercial space.

Tapered Fiberglass Planters

Tapered fiberglass planters are a great way to introduce alternative lines in design projects and create softness, as they reinforce verticals. Tall tapered planters, like our Toulan Tapered Square Fiberglass Planter and Alzira Round Fiberglass Planter, are some of the best elements business professionals can use to incorporate art and utility in commercial design.  

Fiberglass Planters Make Great Space Definers

Aesthetically, fiberglass planters with curved or straight lines bond well with different design styles. Fiberglass planters in bright colors can also bring solidity to an area while livening up an otherwise dull space.

By carefully selecting fiberglass planter shapes and colors, you can achieve several goals simultaneously. For example, you could use fiberglass planters in soothing colors not only to divide a large space into smaller, private areas, but also to create a more tranquil, relaxing atmosphere. As well, using several fiberglass planters with simple, elegant lines throughout your commercial property is a great idea to add some nice accent pieces to different areas and create a more welcoming ambiance.

For instance, consider using our Strasbourg Round Modern Fiberglass Planter to improve the ambiance of your business. Its beautiful curves make this planter an ideal choice to anchor a reception desk or to jazz up corners in a waiting area. Group it with one or more Rio Grande Round Fiberglass Planters in a contrasting color, and you’ll achieve a stunning, playful, and unique display of roundness.

Because fiberglass planters are anchors of style — either offering interesting pops of contrast for a unique twist or quietly blending in with overall decor – they have become indispensable and irreplaceable elements in commercial design. Therefore, business professionals should never underestimate the powerful allure of fiberglass planters. When it comes to making a great first impression, nothing seals the deal like wow-inducing decor adorned with beautiful fiberglass planters and plants.

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