5 Color Combinations for your Hotel Planters

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Hotel Planters The Montroy

Jay Scotts is all about quality and choice. When it comes to our hotel planters, we know there is a lot of room for “wow” factor and brand colors. Because of that, we want to focus on some of our default color choices for some of our top selling planters.

While Jay Scotts offers our planters in over 16 different color choices, we believe the foundation of creativity is steeped in deviation. While we believe these are the best color choices for our planters, perhaps you will be inspired to customize yours a little differently.

Our Top Five Color Combinations

Wannsees and Matte Cobalt – The Wannsee is one of our must luxurious designs because these are bigger and deeper than other pots we sell. It will command attention and accent the nearby elements in the room. The blues swim around and draw attention to it without the distraction and completing your space.

Montroys and Metallic Silver – The Montroy is great for a subtle accent? piece in place of blankness. The Montroy’s often work great as grounding pieces since people often identify cubes as being a representation of order. The Metallic Silver reinforces an elegant a very neutral tone.

Timbrell and Charcoal – The Timbrell is one of our most stylish planters yet. It’s subtle; it works best as a single planter or with a stand for an accent? piece. Similar to the Montroy, it commands attention, but it doesn’t take it. and We use charcoal as it works amazingly with zen plants and rocks/standing water.

White Sands and Satin Beige – Our White Sands Planters are some of the most evocative shapes we design. The curved inlays and tall stature can often intimidate people when it has brighter colors which are is why we pair it with a satin beige or even a matte white. This color eases it and makes people feel calm.

Congress and Gloss White – The congress is a favorite piece because the name represents the image perfectly. This staunch yet curvaceous planter will make everyone want one of their own! By using the gloss white, the color and shape evokes a feeling of perfection.

Jay Scotts Company

Jay Scotts is passionate about planters. We love making planters, working with fiberglass, and utilizing our amazing color palate to the customer’s advantage. If you would like to learn more about our planters or our fiberglass process, please call us today at (954) 922-3939!

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