Commercial Planters Are Helping Revitalize Today’s Mall


Shopping Malls have been a mainstay of our culture for many years. While online shopping offers some conveniences, it doesn’t allow for the gathering place and social part of shopping we have come to enjoy.

The anchor stores and merchandise bring in the buyers; it is the atmosphere of the shopping experience that will have them return for more. The mall offers the convenience of a climate controlled environment, security and added selection from a variety of stores, making today’s malls a better choice for retail businesses and it’s patrons.

But competing with online shopping and keeping up with ever changing expectations requires changing the look and feel of the shopping experience for both retailer and the shopper from time to time.

One of the easiest and best ways to accomplish that is with light-weight and durable fiberglass planters. Used as accents pieces or as a focal point in the common areas, live plants in Fiberglass planters add much needed style and character. The light-weight material will allow for easy “change outs” allowing for a completely new look periodically that keeps the shoppers engaged.

Mall Entrances and Anchor Stores

A fresh new look at door entrances to the mall is a shopper’s first impression and sets the tone for a shopping experience. Create a different atmosphere at each mall entrance for a specialized look for that retailer. Large trees in fiberglass planters in colors that compliment the retailers’ logos will create a subtle statement of well thought out planning and design.

The seasons can be used to your advantage in a mall design. In the spring, place a Japanese maple in a pastel color planter on each side of an entryway for delightful color.

Summertime can be adorned with traditional Red, White and Blue planters with Gardenias for beautiful color and a natural aroma.

The Goldspire Ginkgo has a bright golden color for the fall trade-out signaling winter will soon arrive.

During the Holiday Season, replace with holly trees in bright red fiberglass planters in a high gloss finish for a polished and festive look.


Change-outs can be done simply and easily in other areas. Turn the atrium into a terrarium with Arbequina Olive Trees and complimentary shrubs. Natural sunlight from skylights will add to the health of the plants while not diminishing the quality of the planters. Securely layering and staggering planter boxes can build a “wall” of live plants that that flow from ceiling to floor. Trees placed with benches and tables for seating will create an indoor park-like space with the feel of outdoors but with the secure confines of the mall.

Food Court

Another very important part that keeps shoppers in the mall (and spending) is the food court. No mall is complete without it. Use tall planters to separate eating areas from hallways, this will create unique and cozy dining spaces. Lower planters can create channels or walkways that direct people into particular spaces without the feeling of being led.

The Hallways

Along with the food courts, the hallways have always been a gathering place for shoppers. A uniform look throughout the mall will add to the buyers’ shopping experience. Achieving this can be done through the use of plants around staircases, kiosks, elevators and escalators. The use of color in fiberglass planters adds to the uniform look.

Periodic changes with fiberglass planters can be an economical way to keep the mall designs fresh and unique. Used inside or out, the fiberglass planters will remain pristine though out the year, needing only a light cleaning to maintain it’s original beauty. Since they are made out of the same material that some cars and boats are, they are specifically designed to withstand sun, heat and cold temperatures.

Keeping the mall with a fresh new look will continue to delight familiar shoppers and attract new ones. Live plants require some attention. But won’t it be nice to know the planters won’t?

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