Planters and your Convention Center Interior Design

Revamping a Convention Center Interior Design

Convention centers are some of the most popular spots for trade shows and can garner some serious cash flow for the owners. But with more and more convention centers being reworked, revamped, and built every year, it can be hard to stay on top. When you are looking for ways to revamp a convention centers interior design, most people look at three things.

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The Carpet – A great carpet can show lush, unique features and the older a carpet is, the most suspect the attendees will be.

The Walls – Fresh coats of paint with some vivacious color schemes will energize attendees.

The Installations – Installations are what tie the entire place together. They connect the color schemes of the walls and the carpet and can create some eye-catching designs. Examples of installations include art pieces, paintings, and planters.

Why our Planters are Ideal!

Planters are excellent because they serve many purposes. Not only are they great for housing the plants that will add fresh oxygen to the center but they are also:

Stylish – Fiberglass planters come in many sleek designs which can accentuate the designs you’re seeking.

Interior LandscapingStriking – Our multiple color schemes and car paint aesthetic create designs and visuals you cannot take your eyes away from.

Quality – Our high-quality fiberglass designs are lightweight and long-lasting.

Affordable – Compared to many other companies and installations you could seek, our planters are an affordable way to spruce up your center.

Jay Scotts

Jay Scotts has has helped with more Convention Center Interior Design than any other planter company. Our fiberglass planters can accent any design and any interior, between the minimalistic interiors of industrial plants to the tetradic interiors of many green building designs. If you are looking for planters that can form to your every need, then give us a call today or check out our catalog!

Planter Arrangement Cheat Sheets

Planter Arrangement Cheat Sheets

Download our Planter Arrangement Cheat Sheets for FREE and let professional designers guide you as you add planters to any indoor or outdoor area!

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