Dismissing Lightweight Containers Could Be a Mistake

Lightweight Containers

For many companies, investing in quality plant containers is a must. However, quality does not have to be synonymous with heavy. While large containers made of clay and ceramic can be quite durable, they can also be difficult to work with. Today, there are a variety of lightweight options that you should not dismiss out of hand. Here are a few of the benefits of choosing a lightweight planter made from fiberglass and resin materials.

More Size Options

For very large plants and trees, finding the right size container for your needs is very important. Unfortunately, very large pots made of terracotta or clay can be extremely expensive and may have to be ordered in specially for your needs.

You may find that your sizing options are limited in the store because stocking these types of pots is impractical, or because they get easily broken on store shelves. With lightweight materials like fiberglass, companies are better able to keep products available and provide a wider range of sizes without fear of damage.

Make a Bold Statement

A fun feature of lightweight containers like fiberglass is that they can come in many unique shapes. Instead of sticking to plain round pots or square boxes, fiberglass can be formed into tons of decorative shapes that draw the eye. This can contribute to the unique atmosphere your establishment offers.

You can find planters that look more like art pieces, which are accentuated by the growth of your plants. If you’ve been looking for the perfect centerpiece for your lobby or landscaping space, or you want to line your walkway with art, these lightweight planters are the way to go. These planters can add some serious curb appeal to any landscape.


If you have a plant that will need to be rotated or moved at any point, you will definitely want to opt for a lightweight container. When you consider the weight of the plant plus all of the soil, it’s easy to see how some planters can add up to hundreds of pounds in no time.

While some traditional pots can be placed on castors for easy rotating, many lightweight planters are easy to work with and can be safely secured to castors with minimal work. The less labor you have to put into keeping your plants healthy, the more you will enjoy them.

More Display Options

For those with smaller plants in mind, lightweight fiberglass containers also offer an exciting opportunity to decorate around your resort or establishment. They can be used in hanging fixtures, added to wall displays, or turned into window boxes. You definitely don’t want to risk putting heavy planters up on a shelf or hanger that could fall due to weight. The lighter the better when creating artistic displays of your plants.

Saving Money

Today’s lightweight containers can save you a ton of money over other materials. Not only are they less expensive up front, but they require less maintenance to keep their color and finish in good shape. You can purchase fiberglass planters in any color your heart desires to match the theme of your business. Then all you have to do is gently wipe them down every so often to get any dirt and pollen off the surface. If you want to get your organization’s landscaping up and running on a budget, lightweight, long-lasting planters are the way to go.

Ultimately, lightweight planters are a good investment all around. Once you’ve purchased one or two, you can see that they are more flexible in any space, and they add a real touch of value to your landscaper’s gardening routine by cutting down on maintenance. You can use them just about anywhere to dress up your company and create a gorgeous outdoor space.

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