Fiberglass Planters and Artificial Plants for the Hospitality Industry

Everyone has heard the saying “you only have a few seconds to make a strong first impression”. Recently, specialists have also confirmed that first impressions are more lasting than previously thought.

When it comes to a business in the hospitality industry, the easiest way to make a positive first impression is to ensure that your guests feel they’ll have a memorable experience the moment they set foot on the property.

While a unique hotel design, custom furniture and high-end furnishings are vital to make a good first impression, using beautiful plants in top-quality fiberglass planters can help you bring dull areas to life by filling them with sophisticated color combinations. Below are just a few recommendations on how to use artificial plants and fiberglass planters throughout your business.

Outdoor Areas

Artificial trees, shrubs, plants and flowers can lend a more “garden” vibe to the surrounding environment of your hotel or restaurant. Even if you already have a beautiful garden, artificial plants in fiberglass planters can be used for both transition and style to different outdoor areas, such as pools, walkways, and even parking lots and driveways.

Not only are high-end artificial plants perfect imitations of real plants; they also last a lifetime without becoming diseased or losing their leaves. What’s more, beautiful fiberglass planters specifically designed for outdoor use, such as the Alicante Ribbed Round Planter, Hayden Fiberglass Planter and Amesbury Narrow Rectangular Planter Box, can perfectly fit different plants and enhance the outdoor decor of any hotel.

Main Lobbies and Public Areas

In many hotels, the main lobby has become a unique place that brings together the front desk, concierge, shops, snack bars, restaurants and creative events in an inspiring setting. But the main lobby would be less glamorous without the splashes of colors and shapes conferred by the beautiful plants and fiberglass planters typically used in hotels.

For instance, two pairs of artificial bamboo trees in Hong Kong Tall Square Planters framing the reception and concierge desks can deliver outstanding decorative accents for both the lobby and main entrance. As well, an artificial long-trunk olive tree in a large fiberglass planter, such as the Tarragona Tapered Round Planter, can add a beautiful, breathtaking centerpiece to the main lobby. You can also place artificial trees, plants or flowers in matching fiberglass planters throughout public areas and along hallways. Irrespective of the type of plants and fiberglass planters you choose, high-quality products will allow you to create a luxurious, serene atmosphere for your guests.

The Restaurant

Restaurant decor is just one element that can persuade customers to return over and over again. While furnishings, lighting, paint colors, wall decorations, and music play an essential role in setting the perfect restaurant ambiance, high-quality artificial plants in elegant fiberglass planters can contribute positively to the overall atmosphere you want to create.

When top-quality, elegant fiberglass planters, like the Shanghai Fishbowl Planter, Selenge Extra Large Rectangular Planter Box, or Bara Jar Planter, are used with artificial plants that mimic the look of some amazing plant species, such as tillandsia, calla lily, alocasia, papyrus grass, blue passion, and autumn fern, they can spice up restaurant decor and create a unique atmosphere.

Guest Rooms

Nowadays, a wide variety of artificial plants can be used to enhance the aesthetics of guest rooms and create an inviting ambiance that will impress your guests. However, for a unique look and feel, we would suggest steering away from the same old tabletop flower arrangements and opting for grandiose plants in sumptuous fiberglass planters that can better define room decor.

As an example, well-designed artificial greenery resembling succulents, calatheas, monsteras, philodendrons, and other plants installed in opulent containers, such as the Spiral Modern Planter or Shanghai Fishbowl Round Fiberglass Planter, can successfully complement any guest room. Additionally, statement arrangements of artificial orchids, lilies, cyclamen species, or amaryllis flowers in delicate planters, like the White Sands Fiberglass Planter or Corry Cylinder Fiberglass Planter, are perfect additions to luxurious rooms and suites.

Restrooms and Bathrooms

Big leafy plants or artificial flower arrangements in large fiberglass planters, such as the Valencia Round Tapered Fiberglass Planter or Short Hayden Fiberglass Pot, can be used as centerpieces in restrooms and bathrooms. Tastefully combined with other decor elements, the right plants and planters can create a spa-like atmosphere in your hotel’s restrooms and guest-room bathrooms.

Jay Scotts’ line of fiberglass planters provide a rich collection of shapes and colors that can gracefully display artificial as well as natural trees, shrubs, plants and flowers to help define different areas throughout your hotel. If you don’t know what to choose, a professional interiorscaper can recommend the best combinations of fiberglass planters and artificial or natural plants for a luxurious decor that can enhance your hotel’s atmosphere and improve the overall customer experience.

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