Fiberglass Planters and Your Commercial Budget: What You Need to Know

Fiberglass Planters and Your Commercial Budget

Budgeting is hard – budgeting for a business is even harder! There are so many aspects to take into consideration that it can seem overwhelming when it gets down to the nitty gritty details, such as what planter to pay for. While fiberglass planters have a reputation for being slightly more expensive, there are reasons for the price that make the planter worth far more than what you pay for it! In the long run, fiberglass planters are the sure fit for any commercial budget for reasons ranging from maintenance, to comparative cost, to variety of options.

Low Maintenance 

Fiberglass planters are well known for being low maintenance. It may seem that maintenance has nothing to do with commercial budgeting, but it does! Fiberglass planters are incredibly weather resistant. Comparable planter types such as plastic, wood, or metal have a tendency to rust, chip, or even shatter as the weather changes and becomes too cold or too hot. With fiberglass planters, the unique way that they are made leads them to be shatter proof, and resistant to things such as chipping, cracking or shattering. Fiberglass planters also are resistant to color fading over time, keeping them from needing to be replaced when the color gets too dull to leave on display anymore! These planters are also easy to clean, and can be quickly wiped off with warm water and a soft cloth. If heavier cleaning materials are needed for more difficult messes, this won’t be a problem.  The reason being is because fiberglass planters don’t absorb materials, so chemical leaching will not be a worry for any plants, edible or not.


Fiberglass planters are often assumed to be wildly expensive, but that is a common misconception! Fiberglass planters, when compared to cheap planters such as plastics, can look very expensive. The price comes, however, from its ability to last. Replacing plastic planters, or any other type of planter, over and over again can quickly take up a pretty large portion of any budget. Wood and ceramic planters, which are usually an even cost with fiberglass planters, can make this even worse, as replacing them will take up even more money than the less expensive planters. With fiberglass, though the one-time payment may seem expensive, it will be cheaper in the long run to have a planter that lasts and won’t take up your time.


Fiberglass planters have a huge variety of styles – and that is a wonderful thing! Jay Scotts fiberglass planters come in 18 fade-resistant colors, at least one of which is guaranteed to fit any color scheme you may be working with in your business. Finding the perfect planter will be a breeze, with the planter fitting in with the decor, instead of the decor needing to be reworked to fit in with the planter. Also, all of these options come at an affordable, long-lasting cost. With a ton of variety that may not be available with other types of planters that can be made of a material that’s difficult to manipulate; fiberglass planters are worth the money simply to have an eye-catching piece that will draw attention to all of the key elements of your business.

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A bigger price tag up front can be scary, and everyone knows that! But in the long run, when it comes to the cost of fiberglass planters, you are paying for peace of mind, longevity, and more time spent dedicated to business and less time worrying about the state of the planters holding your business attracting design. The entire Jay Scotts catalog with a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes is sure to fit any commercial budget, and any business aesthetic.

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