Fiberglass Planters Are Becoming The Preferred Choice By Many Resorts

Beautiful and welcoming indoor and outdoor areas that are ideal for relaxation, dining and entertainment are some of the things that come to mind when thinking about resorts. From the hospitality industry’s perspective, a relaxing and memorable atmosphere plays a pivotal role in creating a stellar guest experience. Besides adding a whole new level of enjoyment to a vacation, a wonderful experience can persuade your guests to come back for another stay.

Although the location is one of the most important factors people consider when choosing a resort, there are a few things you can do to attract more guests. One of those things is putting careful thought into creating an appealing indoor and outdoor space, which is a key element of a remarkable guest experience.

The Easiest Way to Create a Wonderful Atmosphere

While plants provide a superb decorative touch to indoor and outdoor environments, planters also play a critical role in design success. Contrasting beautifully with other decor elements, modern fiberglass planters can enhance luxurious aesthetics and create an enlivening yet relaxing resort ambience.

By simply combining various plants with high-quality fiberglass planters in different shapes, colors and sizes, you can craft wonderful focal points for a more vivid look, an intimate ambience, or an extra special, luxurious feel. However, fiberglass planters are more than some simple decor elements. Read on to find out why these types of planters deliver the best plant container options and are the preferred choice of many resorts.

Fiberglass Planters Are Flawless, High Style and Customizable

The fiberglass planters produced by Jay Scotts, a leading manufacturer of commercial-grade fiberglass, are best for businesses that require high-quality and stylish planters suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

In addition, fiberglass planters can be customized for different areas of your resort. At Jay Scotts, for instance, we work with numerous trade professionals to customize our fiberglass planters as well as create new ones that not only complement the design and style of any resort but also meet specific functional demands.

Fiberglass Planters Are Versatile, Durable and Lightweight

Modern fiberglass planters are perfect for all kinds of indoor and outdoor uses. That’s because they’re made of commercial-grade fiberglass, which is extremely durable under all weather conditions. While metal, plastic, wood, ceramic and terracotta pots are prone to cracking, splitting and fading when exposed to the elements, fiberglass planters can withstand strong UV radiation, rain, snow and freezing temperatures without any damage. Chemical resistance is another important characteristic which makes fiberglass resort planters suitable for outdoor use in coastal climates with high-salt content.

Fiberglass containers are also lightweight, which means they can be moved around easily. This makes them ideal for seasonal use and event-specific themes. As well, fiberglass planters are light enough to be placed on terraces, balconies, rooftops and other places where weight needs to be considered as part of the design. Because these planters are lightweight, they also cut down on shipping costs and eliminate the need for special equipment that may be required for placing large conventional containers on site.

Fiberglass Planters Are Affordable and Low Maintenance

Fiberglass containers are less expensive than conventional metal, wood, ceramic and terracotta pots, and rarely need to be replaced. Additionally, they require very little routine maintenance, which typically includes dusting and washing. To maintain the factory finish and add more UV protection, fiberglass containers can be polished with car or boat wax on a regular basis. The fiberglass planters showing signs of normal wear and tear can be refinished and restored to the original appearance.

Fiberglass Planters Ensure Plant Health

As beautiful plants are very important for the curb appeal of your resort, keeping your container plants looking their best all the time can help you attract more visitors and guests. When it comes to keeping potted plants healthier and looking great, fiberglass planters are the best choice.

To begin with, high-quality fiberglass planters can have holes easily made in order for the plants to have proper drainage, which allows excess water to drain away and ensures good soil aeration for healthy root growth. Additionally, some fiberglass planters, like our Hayden Fiberglass Planter, can be equipped with self-watering systems, which help the soil retain nutrients for longer. Another important aspect is that fiberglass planters can be sanitized to kill pathogens and prevent plant diseases.

Considering the aforementioned benefits, the fact that fiberglass planters are becoming an integral part of successful resort design comes as no surprise. For more information on how to use these planters or to order fiberglass planters for your resort, please contact our friendly professionals today!

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