Fiberglass Planters That Will Make Your Decor Pop!

Fiberglass Planters Make Your Decor Pop

It’s quite simple really – fiberglass planters add color, style and another design element to your decor – not to mention the plants you choose put in them better the air quality, acoustics and overall appeal.


The entryway is your guests’ or client’s first impression. Shallow planters at an entryway will welcome them to your business without overpowering the space. This shallow style will add to the appeal of your entry. Why not select a finish color from your logo or corporate color palette? Lightweight and easy to move, your planters can be “reset” anytime the mood strikes. We recommend low or ground cover plants like Creeping Jenny or the fabulous colors of Creeping Thyme  to adorn in this area. Consider the sunlight requirements of the plants prior to planting to ensure a beautiful entryway with low maintenance plants. Both the Jenny and Thyme are fast growing plants and are perennials. Consider any annual plants here that can handle a variety of temperatures and still return year after year.

Some designs of the entryways can create a vortex of wind where tall planters and spindly plants would not be recommended. Wind could easily topple the planter and it’s contents. Before choosing your planters and plants for this area, evaluate the environment not only for good health and growth of your plant, but also its likelihood of staying put.

Ease of maintenance is as much of a factor to consider as is beauty. Regardless of the plants chosen for this location, fiberglass planters are easily cleaned with a mild soap and water. That will be especially helpful in places where the pollen concentration could reach 9,000 grains per cubic meter and yellow dust sticks to everything! Cleaning will be made easy simply by the construction and textures of the planters.

With 16 standard colors to choose from, you can find one that will complement your exterior. However, 3000 custom colors are available by special order so that you are sure to find the perfect one to fit your intended color scheme.


Once your entryways are set and are welcoming your guests or customers, bring that same color and style inside your business if you choose. A consistent well thought-out design from beginning to end will show guests or clients your attention to every detail. However, perfect placement is not necessary. Placing durable planters and plants that enhance air quality will add to every part of your environment. A bright waiting area with Brannan round planter filled with Orchids can adorn this area of your business.

Even the office bathroom and be spruced up with live plants. In most cases, minimal light exists in this area of your business. Philodendron require little or no direct sunlight, and it won’t take up a lot of space in that small area. It would look spectacular in the Valencia Round Tapered Fiberglass Planter.

Don’t Forget Your Office Space

The space for employees to carry out creative thinking, problem solving or customer service in any office area is always in need of tranquility to keep things peaceful, but still an environment for making headway. Accent your decor with the Alicante Ribbed Round Planter filled with a Peace Lily for some added and much needed calmness to the space. Adding a little calm feature can do wonders for your staff.

Bring it Back Outside

Outside decks and patios have always been an extension and important part of your lodging facility or business. Bring that beauty outside with the Montroy Cube Planter in a bright color filled with just about anything you want. A focal point and great conversation piece here would be the great Meyer Lemon Tree. Not only is it a beautiful and hearty plant, it actually produces fruit. Other citrus plants can also adorn your deck or patio and fill the area with natural aromatherapy. Lemongrass will also ward off any pesky mosquitoes  that might invade your space and spoil your customers experience.

Choosing the colors, styles, textures and sizes that fit your needs for every space at your office or business is easy; and the durable fiberglass construction of the Jay Scotts Collection will provide a lifetime of beauty with minimal attention allowing you to sit back and enjoy your beautiful surroundings. For a full catalog of products and help with choosing the best for your setting, visit our Distributors.

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