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When you are talking about long time durability and strong up-front investment, it only comes down to fiberglass and concrete. Both of these planter types have long lifespans as well as are incredibly durable. But how do they stack up to the primary characteristics?

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Appearance – The concrete planters will be coarser to the touch than fiberglass planters. While they are both capable of being any wide variety of colors, the concrete planters will always have a slightly muted tone to it due to the material.

Plant health – Both planters are about the same for plant health. With small holes bored into the bottom, the roots can grow exactly where you want them to.

Temperature Control – When it comes to temperature control it is a complete wash. Both can diffuse heat and keep the soil at the right climate for healthy growth.

What is the difference between Fiberglass and Concrete?

concrete planterWeight – The concrete planters cannot be easily moved especially when you scale it in proportion to some of Jay Scotts larger planters. Once filled with soil and plants, our larger fiberglass planters can be easily moved while some concrete planters run the risk of structural damage to the surrounding property if attempted.

Quality – The overall quality of the fiberglass planters make them a more worthy option. With fiberglass, you’re receiving easier maneuverability with brighter colors for the same long life-span.

Jay Scotts

With Jay Scotts, we insist on offering the highest quality planters and pots for your business. We work with fiberglass because we believe it is the best material on the market. We also believe in proper coating procedures and using high-end paint with our products to create a nuanced appearance. If you would like to learn more about our planters or products, please call us today!

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