Fiberglass vs. Foam

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In the final entry of our series, we will talk about foam planters and their comparison with fiberglass. Regarding equivalent comparison, fiberglass and foam might be the furthest apart regarding structural integrity, quality, and price.

Fiberglass plantersAppearance
– While there have been great advances in the visual appeal of foam planters, there is still a large disparity regarding customizable choices between fiberglass and the limited foam opponent.

Plant Health – When it comes to overall plant health, the medium to upper range foam planters don’t have a detrimental effect on plant health. Additionally, they offer customizability if you are trying to root your plants since you can punch holes through the structure easily.

Temperature Control – Temperature Control is a bit of a wash. In colder climates, both of these planter materials operate effectively at keeping the plant healthy. However, at higher temperatures, the foam can degrade and release chemicals that are harmful to the plant health.

The Difference Between Fiberglass and Foam

Fiberglass planterEnvironmental Impact – When you are using foam or Styrofoam, there will always be the environmental impact factor. Contrarily, Fiberglass can be repurposed and reused multiple times before it needs to be permanently disposed of.

Durability – Fiberglass is far more durable than foam. If not handled properly and with care, both can suffer cosmetic damage impacting the visible integrity of the containers.

Cost – The only positive to working with foam planters is the fact that they are cheaper than Fiberglass. Unfortunately, they are cheaper than fiberglass in more ways than one.

Jay Scotts

With Jay Scotts, we insist on offering the highest quality planters and pots for your business. We work with fiberglass because we believe it is the best material on the market. We also believe in proper coating procedures and using high-end paint with our products to create a nuanced appearance. If you would like to learn more about our planters or products, please call us today!

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