Fiberglass vs. Metal

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Planters and Pots

Out of all the materials that we will be covering. Metal is as different from terra cotta and ceramic as fiberglass is. But just because they’re different from the normal pots and planters you’ll see at home depot, doesn’t mean they’re similar.

Appearance – Fiberglass is interwoven fibers that are layered atop each other. However, metal planters often have either a dull or bright shine to them due to the sun. They are often folded and formed into basic shapes. Both, however, are lightweight and easy to maneuver.

Plant Health – When it comes to plant health, fiberglass takes the cake. Metal planters are too risky for outside and inside plant health. On the outside, excess heat can burn and damage the soil and the plants. Inside, the metal can rust and cause oxidation to occur at the bottom of the plants, rusting them too.

Temperature Control – As stated above, metal is not good at regulating heat.

What is the difference between Fiberglass and Metal?

The main differences between fiberglass and metal have to do with the chemical composition of the metal.

Elemental Exposure – Metal planters are highly prone to rust which can also degrade the integrity of the pot and cause holes. Atop that they are also bad at dispersing heat. IN the sun, the metal planters and pots can burn the plants alive and ruin them. In the cold, they can retain the heat for prolonged periods of time making it difficult for the plants to take in nutrients.

Jay Scotts

With Jay Scotts, we insist on the highest quality planters and pots for your business. We work with fiberglass because we believe it is the best material on the market. We also believe in proper coating procedures and using high-end paint with our products to create a nuanced appearance. If you would like to learn more about our planters or products, please call us today!

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