Fiberglass vs. Plastic Planters

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Planters and Pots

Choosing the ideal pots and planters for your commercial establishment is a difficult and time-consuming decision. While you want to choose site furnishing that will represent your brand and bring a modern-day vitality to your establishment, you also want to make sure it isn’t cheaply executed. 

When business owners are looking for planters and pots that are customizable, colorful, and durable, the debate always comes down to Fiberglass and Plastic Planters. So how are they similar?


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Appearance – In appearance, they are both able to represent a wide range of colors.

Plant Health – Both planters won’t negatively impact plant health. However, plastic planters are more easily eroded.

Temperature Control – Fiberglass is superior at maintaining and regulating temperatures. Plastic can morph in high heat and crack in the cold.

What is the difference between Plastic and Fiberglass Planters

So how do similar planters truly differentiate from each other? It all revolves around the quality of the materials and the execution of the color.

plastic plantersQuality – Firstly, Plastic is a very cheap substance, and unfortunately, it will look cheap too. Brushed Fiberglass are micro threaded to create depth and nuance while still maintaining smoothness. It is a higher quality material overall.

Color – When it comes to implementing color, plastic planters will often melt the plastic with the color or dye the plastic and then add the color. This can make for some bright colors, but it will lessen the overall quality of the color. With our painted fiberglass, we use the same paint that gives contemporary automobiles their sleek appearance and amazing reflections if the gloss is used.

Durability – Finally, Fiberglass is much more durable than plastic. It can hold it’s shape better while also maintaining it’s structural integrity for a much longer time too. For long term investments, fiberglass is the smarter choice when purchasing pots and planters.

Jay Scotts

With Jay Scotts, we insist on the highest quality planters and pots for your business. We work with fiberglass because we believe it is the best material on the market. We also believe in proper coating procedures and using high-end paint with our products to create a nuanced appearance. If you would like to learn more about our planters or products, please call us today!


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