Five Office Design Trends To Close out 2017!

Why Should you Worry about What’s Trending?

You don’t want a ‘dead’ office. If your office was stuck even just a few years ago, chances are people in your office are already talking about changes they want in the office. If your business can’t keep up with the needs of the employees, you risk losing your workforce due to finding better companies with better benefits.

The Top Five Trends to Adopt for your Office!

A ‘Smart’ Office – The smart office integrates many smart home features such as having an Amazon Echo or having a smart TV that will record and broadcast at specific times.

Culture Cost – The biggest problem offices have are having a reason for existing. Engendering a workplace culture into your office will make having the business cost-effective and unite your workforce.

Zones – Part of the problem people have is generating the desire to do their work. By having designated Zones for working, it makes it much easier to remove distractions and problems in the environment.

A Home Away from Homes – Working along the previous two points. Offer up things that will make it easier for your workers to perform. Have sleeping pods for rest and create a homey environment in areas.

BioPhilic Design – We’ve covered Biophilic design in a previous article that you can read but in short, it is a great way to bring the work space and the outdoors together in a healthy environment.

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