Going Green in the Church!

Going Green is In

Many Churches and congregations are always trying to rebrand, connect with the youth, and expand their congregation. One of the best ways to do this is to stay up to date with trends.

Church Interior DesignBesides the monolithic megachurch look, many churches are trying to stay up to date technologically and with the trends of the years. The biggest trend of this year AND last year has been going green. Going green is the process of removing your ecological footprint and also incorporating nature in your establishment.

So we’ve created this blog to help you make your church go green!

How to make your Church Go Green!

Bring the Green In! – One of the best ways to make a green congregation is to incorporate planters and pots in your main hall. The refreshing air of the plants creates a lively atmosphere that will help your congregation connect with you better than ever before.

Reducing Energy and Water – Since the plants will absorb heat and help engage the audience, it is often a golden opportunity to reduce the amount of Air you are using in the church. Reducing air conditioning and water usage will help your church leave a smaller ecological footprint.

Going GreenOutside In: Blurring the Line – Finally, to help incorporate the inside climate and atmosphere, it’s ideal to use landscaping design to funnel people into the church. Long planters, rock gardens, and other landscaping trends are great for guiding people along their walk way. Alternative strategies involve using multiple walkways through the lawn; this is successful as a “doors always open” policy.

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Planter Arrangement Cheat Sheets

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