Hotels Say Yes to Fiberglass Planters for the Holidays

holidaysWhile the holidays are still weeks away, they are quickly approaching! It is never too early to start thinking about the perfect decor for the holidays, and there are many different ways that one can make decor pop. This year for the holidays, many hotels are saying yes to fiberglass planters, and there are a variety of reasons why from wanting good first impressions to diamond star ratings and higher ROIs.

First Impressions

When someone steps foot into a hotel lobby, it is important that what they first see sets the tone for their stay! Putting plants in the lobby is a quick and easy way to set a feeling of luxury, but it is important that the plants are well-kept and in clean containers. The best way to do this is to have a fiberglass planter! Fiberglass planters are durable and scratch-resistant, allowing for them to withstand the foot traffic of hotel lobbies without being damaged, therefore guaranteeing a good first impression.

Higher Ratings

Hotels are a home away from home. When staying in a hotel, customers are looking for that feeling of luxury that should be more than the luxury that they have at home. In order to get higher ratings and have a better rating presence, many are turning to plants! Plants give off a calm, soothing feeling that creates a sense of ease in a foreign place that may just be exactly what the customer needs. With word of mouth often being the difference between booking or looking for another hotel, this small touch could be what guarantees holiday stays.


Plants and planters are elegant. Beautiful flowers are eye-catching and soothing, and when photographs are being taken for online presence, they could be the selling point! Many people book online now, where the only thing that they have to go on is the pictures that are available online. The holidays are the busiest time of year for many hotels, so in order to stand out from the pack, a beautiful plant in a brightly colored or soothingly colored planter could be the tipping point!


Many believe that plants increase ROI! Whether this is because of stress relief or luxury feeling, it is a very smart choice to place plants in lobby areas or rooms! Even if the plants are fake, the appearance of luxury and sophistication could make the difference in the revenue. Regardless of what plant is chosen, it is important that the planter is also well taken care of. With a multitude of color options, Jay Scotts planters have a variety that allows for any interior design to be matched! The durability and color fading resistance of the fiberglass planter will guarantee that the planters will look fresh and new even months or years after they are bought!


Some rooms can be hard to decorate, and, quite simply, a plant can change that. Whether it is drawing attention to a focal point or trying to brighten a dark corner, a planter can change the feel of the room from something average to something just a step above the rest. Jay Scotts offers a variety of finishes including matte or metallic finishes that could give that extra touch of sophistication that the room was missing before.

There are many reasons why plants are perfect for hotels, and with the holidays increasing hotel stays and travel, it is the perfect time to splurge and get some phenomenal fiberglass planters to spruce up any lobby. For a full catalog of planters, go to Jay Scotts today, and make sure you are fully prepared for a wonderful holiday with new fiberglass planters sure to make a great first impression.

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