How Plant Decor Is Changing the Look Of Restaurant Patios

How plan decor is changing the look of restaurant

Outdoor dining is seeing a huge resurgence as restaurants find new ways to welcome diners. Many companies are now investing in expansive patio seating areas complete with decorative planters and other features to make the space feel more like a natural oasis. Whether the restaurant is located inside a strip mall or in the center of downtown, plant decor can make a world of difference in the way your seating area looks and feels.

Bringing in Color

Too many restaurant patios give off the feel of concrete jungles. By adding planters throughout the space, your patio will feel warm and welcoming to diners. Cold, empty patios are not very inviting to diners who want to enjoy a cozy meal. The planters help fill some of the open space with natural color and definition. While greenery always brightens up a patio, flowering plants can also be used to add splashes of dazzling color that change throughout the season. Plus, planters can be purchased in a wide range of colors and finishes so they can be used to draw attention to the greenery inside.

Creating a Theme

Fiberglass planters come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. They can be used as creative accents alongside other decor to form a cohesive theme. For instance, tall rectangular and square boxes offer a super-modern touch to any industrial style restaurant. On the other hand, fishbowl and rolled rimmed planters create more of a classic beauty look.

Bringing Customers Closer to the Food

When it comes to bringing fresh ingredients to your customers, adding live plants to your patio is a great way to build authenticity. Fresh herbs can easily be grown anywhere and make a big statement by filling the air with their scent. The end result is that customers feel more connected to the food they are eating because the experience touches on multiple senses at once.

Adding Romance

For restaurants that want to capitalize on romantic moonlit dinners, adding plants can also help cozy up the space. Well-placed planters can help screen diners from other guests, giving them privacy and comfort. Trellises with vines and hanging plants also make for good screens. If your patio currently feels dry and uninspired, colorful planters full of flowers can really dress it up overnight.

Incorporating Water Features

Waterfalls are another grand gesture that can seriously make your patio a hot gathering spot for guests of all ages. However, a waterfall or fountain by itself usually looks out of place. Many restaurants are using planters to build out around a fountain or waterfall to create a complete look. The gentle sound of the water falling is soothing for customers, and the plants can help disguise any unsightly pumps or framework that makes the fountain work.

Restaurants of all kinds have seen positive results by adding planters to their patios. Living plants create a general feeling of wellness among diners, and can fill the air with gentle aromas. Planters can be found in nearly any size, shape, or color to fit your design theme. Plus they can be added on the ground or up in the air to create striking visual effects. Diners appreciate the creativity that goes into designing a beautiful outdoor space using plants as natural decor instead of signs and traditional artwork.

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