How Planters Can Create a Chill Space for Your Commercial Design

When planning a design for your commercial space consider making it a comfortable and chill space for guests and customers. Making an area have a sense of calm can create a happier group of clients, patients, or guests to name a few. A way to bring this feeling to your space is by placing a few of our fiber planters throughout your commercial business.

The fiberglass planters that we show as examples have a zen feeling to them and will be sure to keep your guests calm and collected. It has been proven that certain colors can also strike different moods. For instance, pastels can make people smile more and feel calm. Bright colors, for instance, can put people on edge. This is why our fiberglass planters come in a multitude of colors, shapes, and sizes.

Fiberglass Planters for the Medical Industry

A great place for our outstanding planters is a waiting room of a clinic or hospital. People are generally anxious and rambunctious when arriving at their appointment. When the patients are surrounded by greenery and light it brings them peace and more times than not they will begin to self soothe before having to go in for what may be a stressful appointment for them that day. Our fiberglass planters vary in style and shapes as well as sizes, so if you choose a large one like our Badalona design, be mindful of your space and how many you would need to avoid a sense of clutter, but no matter what the greener the area the better! You can mix and match them as well so that they fit correctly to the space you want them in.

Fiberglass Planters in an Outdoor Bar

These fiberglass planters can also make for a great outdoor bar area! They can bring the whole area from empty, spacey, and boring to fun, cozy, and calm. When people are going to a restaurant they want to relax and not have to worry about the crazy day they had in their busy adult world. Make your restaurant as relaxing as possible by placing a few planters throughout to keep your guests smiling! We love the way the Potsdam Planter can create a sense of privacy. When your guests are happier the staff will tend to bring better service. These fiberglass planters won’t just make your guests happier, it will tend to make your staff happier by creating a more inviting and calming work center.

Fiberglass Planters for the Office

Office space is also a very fun alternative that can take advantage of what fiberglass planters have to offer. As a boss you want your worker bees to feel that they can come and talk to you at any moment. This means that you will need to make your area look as inviting as possible. The planters will give you that “welcome” feeling you are searching for. They will keep you and your personnel smiling and feel more welcomed every time they come into your office. They can turn any space from boring and depressing to full of life and a cozy atmosphere. We love the look that the Alzira Bowl Planter gives to an office space. The difference a plant could have on a mood seems minute but it can actually have an insanely large impact. When surrounded by plants it is proven that people will quite literally “take a minute to breathe in the fresh air and smell the flowers”.

Now that you have decided you need a few fiberglass planters for your commercial design make sure that you chose the correct sizing for what you need. You would hate to order a very large planter for a smaller area. Also, look into the color choice. Make sure that it does not clash with the color scheme in your business. Luckily we have fiberglass planters in almost every color imaginable to mankind. Try to stick with more light colors when you are going for a more calm and collected commercial area. Remember, fiberglass planters make rearranging your area a breeze due to their lightweight and ease of maintenance. Not only will Jay Scotts fiberglass planters make your space feel calm, but you will be too.

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