How Plants Make Your Office Team More Productive

The new year is here and your business goals for 2019 are set. A successful business plan includes increasing exposure in the market, increasing sales and client retention. With those things covered, you are likely to increase the bottom dollar.

But don’t forget that making the most of your team’s productivity is also part of a successful plan. You’ve already hired your team because of what they bring to your business. Now expand on their skill set. Taking care of the people who take care of you is always a wise investment. Your plan is better when it includes your team’s ideas.

One unique way to boost morale is to involve your team in office design and style. Any work environment that is comfortable will help motivate employees. New plants in your space make for a fresh look and feel, lending itself to an increased morale. A periodic “gift” of new office decor makes employees feel appreciated, especially when they have input into the design. That is a simple way to engage employees giving them some stake in a place that they spend 40 or more hours per week in advancing your product or service.

Presenting Ideas

Presenting your overall concept of plants and planters in your environment to your team is the first step. With many sizes, colors and styles to pick from, fiberglass planters will adorn your office, brighten a work space and give employees a comfortable place in which to work. Offering your employees choices from planters you have pre-selected will have your office team involved in the outcome.

The Space

Large spaces offer lots of opportunity to design with planters while keeping employees working on income producing projects in other areas. One area can be redesigned without affecting workload, productivity and deadlines. Using planters as room dividers in large spaces will add much needed acoustical quality as well as elegance. One of our most popular room divider planter is the Barcelona Fiberglass Planter filled with the tall and easy to maintain Snake Plant.

But smaller spaces do not put limits on design. It’s actually an opportunity to have small spaces make bold statements with bright colors and finishes that can make a space seem larger than it is. That’s important not only for overall productivity but also for working with clients onsite.

Whether large or small, create barriers between cubicles or desks to provide privacy, color and acoustical quality. Without actual walls, this open concept leads to more open communication between employees and more exchange of ideas that further your plan.

Choosing Plants

Of course, cutting down on sick leave is another way to aid in productivity. There are lots of plants that aid in air purification that can do just that. Adding that one element alone can cut down on sick time of employees aiding in more productivity. There are nine easy-to-maintain air purifying plants that a business like yours could take advantage of. Consider the Pego Oval Planter with any of these great plants to help.

With a wide variety of styles, sizes and color, fiberglass planters are lightweight and easy to move. This allows for redesign at any point throughout the year. Employees feel appreciated when you have their comfort and enjoyment in mind. Keeping the work environment fresh and new is a great way to accomplish that.

Reintroducing Your Planters Later

Since lightweight and durable planters can easily be stored, introduce them again at a later date is another great way to continually improve and refresh a work environment. A simple cleaning solution prior to storage will keep them looking new for years to come.

Statics have proven that clean air coupled with bright and clean work areas aid in keeping employees happy, healthy and productive. That is an investment in part of your business plan that is well spent.

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