How To Choose The Right Planter For Your Design

How To Choose The Right Planter For Your Design

If you have a vision for your landscape, the most important thing you need to do is choose the correct fiberglass planters. Your planters serve as a focal point and accent to all your other landscaping work, so they must fit your theme if you really want it to pop. Here are a few tips for choosing the right planter for your design.

Picking the Size

Perhaps the most important decision you need to make is size. If you have not already picked out what plants you want to have in your fiberglass planter, now is a good time to do so. Some plants do just fine in shallow planters while others will require plenty of depth to grow down into. If you choose to use a small planter, it could prevent your plants from really thriving in their new home. You will also want to think about diameter. While some plants can be placed close together in a planter, others need room to draw their own nutrients. Make sure you pay close attention to how your plants will be layered to keep them from getting overcrowded.

On the subject of size, you will also want to consider the weight of the planter you are getting. Once filled with soil and plants, your planter will be quite heavy. If you will need to move or rotate your planters throughout the year, it’s important to make sure you aren’t overdoing it. With fiberglass planters, you will be getting a lightweight option that is easy to move and handle. These planters are rigid and durable but are not nearly as heavy as terracotta or wood planters of similar size. This means you can go a little bit bigger with fiberglass and not have to worry about straining yourself.

Shape of your Planter

The shape of your planter will have less of an impact on the health of your plants but can make a big difference in the look of your final design. For instance, square or rectangular planters are typically used in more modern designs where the look is intended to be very clean and streamlined. On the other hand, round, twisty or wavy fiberglass planters are often installed in more whimsical designs where you want the landscape to look less structured and more natural. These curves and twists really seem to draw the eye and flow well with the natural growth of trees and plants.

Drainage for your Planter

Drainage is another important factor to consider. For planters that are made of non-porous materials like fiberglass, having a drainage hole at the bottom is crucial. Without a drainage hole, water builds up in the soil and can cause the roots of your plants to rot away. Proper drainage ensures that your plants can drink up as much water as they need, and stay properly hydrated without rotting away. In between watering sessions, the soil will slowly dry out and keep things healthy. Drainage holes need to be sufficiently sized for the planter but also need to keep the soil from eroding through the bottom of the planter. If you have room in the bottom of your planter, adding a shallow layer of lava rock may help keep the soil in place and reduce loss.


Whether you plan on having your planters indoors or out, you will want to think about maintenance. Fiberglass planters are a great low maintenance option because they can be wiped down with soapy water and rinsed off in just minutes. They will not discolor or rot like other planter materials. If you need a long-lasting option that won’t require scrubbing with a brush or special cleaners, fiberglass is the way to go.

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