How to design the ultimate outdoor dining atmosphere for your guests

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Restaurant owners all run into the same problem… decorating! When it comes to decorating the indoors that can be fairly simple depending on the theme you have set for your guests. What we are here to talk about today is designing your outdoor patio space. The difference here could be finding things that are outdoor appropriate and safe. The coolest part about our fiberglass planters is that not only can you place them outside to liven up your patio space but also match them to your indoor decor.

Fiberglass Planters – Design Your Outdoor Patio

Our planters come in an assortment of colors, shapes, sizes, and designs so no matter what theme you decide on committing to we can assist you in getting your dream patio area! Not only will it create a functional and trendy space but it will also make the area relaxing and keep the guests wanting to come back for more. We pride ourselves in making a space that will make your guests want to come back for dinner or simply just to have a few drinks on the patio.

Rectangular Fiberglass Planters

The rectangular fiberglass planters are a go-to when creating an outdoor patio for the simple fact that you typically have more room in outdoor spaces versus indoor spaces. The rectangular planters can give more of a sleek look and make your patio more sophisticated. If you were to pair the planters with white outdoor lights and some space heaters you could make the absolute perfect holiday scenery for anyone looking to get in the holiday spirit.

Fiberglass Planters and Your Atmosphere

People are also typically happier when they are in a calming and relaxing environment. Whether you serve soul food, Michelin grade cuisine or something in between, you want your patio surroundings to not only compliment your food experience but create a lasting atmosphere to keep them coming back for more. There might be times your patrons are just looking for a chill space outside on your patio to come and grab a bite to eat while having a drink and unwinding after a long day of work or to enjoy a calm night out with some friends.

With our fiberglass planters being extremely durable they are perfect for long-lasting outdoor wear and tear. They are completely shatterproof and fairly dent-resistant! This is great news for anything that you place outdoors. If someone knocks anything over the biggest fear is that it will shatter and create a huge mess, but not when you choose fiberglass planters. Above all else, it would then become lost funds. Luckily with how durable our fiberglass planters are, this will not be an issue!

Fiberglass Planters – Easy Maintenance

Most people tend to drink alcoholic beverages when on a patio area and after a few cocktails, spilled drinks are bound to happen. One of the other absolutely amazing things about our planters is that it is easy to clean them up when accidents happen. If a patron spills a drink or food on the fiberglass planter simply clean it with warm soapy water. The ease of cleanup will help you move on with your exciting night and not have to stress about anything being messed up in the future!

Our planters might have a higher value cost but let me tell you – they are worth it! You won’t find another fiberglass planter out there on the market with the high-end durability, low-end maintenance and the variety of colors that we offer. We even provide custom color service for those that want to stay in line with their growing brand.

Our planters are worth the investment for the simple fact that you will not have to continuously replace them due to the shattering, cracking, and mold that other planters can attract. Our fiberglass planters provide a great return on your investment and will last long enough to be worth the cost. You are paying for the quality and they are simply the best quality there is!

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