How To Spot Quality Made Fiberglass Planters

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As you begin shopping for fiberglass planters, you will find that there is a wide range of styles and price points available on the web. While you may be shopping on a budget, it is important to consider the quality of the fiberglass planters you are purchasing. After all, buying a poor quality planter will only mean that you have to replace it sooner rather than later. Here are a few hints to help you spot high-quality fiberglass planters for your business:

Made for Commercial Applications

The first thing you should look for is whether or not the planter was made specifically for commercial applications. Commercial planters tend to take more abuse than residential planters, either because of foot traffic bumping into them or the need to keep the planter looking pristine at all times. Planters intended for commercial use will have durable finishes and thicker walls to protect them in the long run. Companies who specialize in commercial planters will be able to guide you to the products that are best suited for your needs.


As you inspect fiberglass planters, you should also take note of the construction quality itself. While fiberglass planters are meant to be lightweight, they should not be flimsy like a regular plastic planter. The walls of your planter should be rigid and tough, not subject to bending or cracking. Planters that have too thin of walls will end up with cracks along the corners and eventually, the layers will begin to delaminate. The surface of the planter should be smooth and solid with no signs of cracks if you want to get the most life out of the product.

Attention to Detail

If you’re shopping for commercial fiberglass planters, you probably have an idea of what you want the finished space to look like. Whether you purchase planters from a catalog or have them custom made, it is important to make sure that all the details are just right. From proper sizing to the fine details of color and decor, make sure you inspect your planters closely. You want planters that are free of defects in everything from the structure to the paint color.

Indoor/Outdoor Use

Fiberglass planters are also a good choice because they are designed for versatility. Depending on the intended location of your planters you will want to be sure that they are safe for use indoors and outdoors. Outdoor planters tend to have properties that promote healthy growth by insulating the roots of your plants against the weather, and they use UV and weather resistant finishes so that the color will not quickly fade. Meanwhile, indoor planters need to have special considerations for drainage and possibly even the ability to move or rotate planters if necessary.

Warranty Coverage

Companies that build high-quality planters also stand behind their products. You should always ask about what types of repairs or replacements are covered by the manufacturer if a defect is discovered after delivery. You should inspect your planters as soon as they arrive so that you can make any claims necessary before your plants are in place, especially as the warranty may be voided if the damage is caused during the process of moving or planting.

These are just some of the details you should be watching for as you shop for quality fiberglass planters. It is always best to ask about these factors before you buy so that you can be sure that the planters you invest in will hold up for many years. For more information about high quality commercial fiberglass planters, contact Jay Scotts today and speak with one of our planter experts.

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