How to Use Fiberglass Planters in Event Planning

You have a big event coming up: trade show, banquet or celebration, that must meet your specific design ideas – and goals. You can see it in your head, now it’s time to make it a reality for the best presentation.

Trade Show

The trade show is scheduled. You’ve paid your fees and now it’s time to design. Your trade show booth is where the sales contacts will take place.  Most have prefabricated roll up backdrops that tells a little about your business – specifically company name, product or service. But, other than that, it looks and feels exactly like the booth next to you. To stand out, you have to do a little more…….Enter Fiberglass Planters.

A booth designed with plants is a warm and welcoming environment. Define your designated area on each side with the Cuba Low Rectangular Planter that are lightweight, and colorful. In a variety of colors, Jay Scotts Collection has just the ones to compliment your company colors.  A low wall of planters with overflowing greenery at the rear of your booth, or in front of your backdrop, will bring attention to your company name, service and product. Fiberglass planters are easy to transport, set up and take down at the end of a long and successful trade show.  Keep them ready for your next trade show – they will be ready for your next destination.

A warm and welcoming booth designed with plants will attract people to your booth. After all, isn’t that the idea?

Employee Appreciation Banquet Planning

An employee awards banquet is a great way to show employees how much they are appreciated. You’ve designed it, planned awards, printed the material, hired the speaker and provided for entertainment and food.

But don’t forget the acoustics. Decorating the banquet hall with Fiberglass Planters and plants, cuts down on some potential echoing during the event. Plants and fiberglass planters absorb sound allowing guests to enjoy the event. Line stages, walkways, stairs with fiberglass planters in different sizes and shapes add to the acoustical quality and the complete presentation of your event.

You can even present the planters with plants to employees as gifts as part of your banquet! Lightweight and easy to transport, your employees will love their gifts for a lifetime…and feel appreciated.

Anniversary Celebrations

Whether it’s a 50th Wedding Anniversary, Town Centennial Celebration or celebration of any kind, fiberglass planters can aid you in your design. That is one area of your planning that can be done almost effortlessly. In many colors, shapes, and designs, fiberglass planters can help define your space, help provide acoustical quality and beautify the surroundings for your celebration.

Line the “red carpet” area with planters; adorn the table with Casablanca Bowl Planter. Our Casablanca Bowl Planter won’t obstruct the view of other guests at the table and can be a conversation starter. For wedding anniversary celebrations, place treasured family pictures in the centerpieces for a personal touch and see all your guests become part of the celebration rather than just a witness to it.

The Grand Ball

Formal Balls are treasured events. Who doesn’t enjoy dressing up once in a while? Make the Ballroom as beautiful as your guests. Balls for specific events will bring guests into an environment of celebration and fun. Line the dance floor with fiberglass planters to designate the area. Use planters to define the band location. Hide technical wiring and equipment needed for the any presentations with the Tupelo Rectangle Tabletop Planter. Adorn the stages with similar fiberglass planters to add beauty and continuity throughout the ballroom.

No matter the purpose of the event, fiberglass planters will add that professional and elegant touch you’re looking for.

From all of us at Jay Scotts Collection, we wish you a happy and successful event.

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