Is the Industrial Style going through a Renaissance?

What is the Industrial Style?

The industrial style has been around for a long time. Anything that resembles or mirrors the factory setting can be likened to the industrial style. But what many people are working for is closer to an industrial chic.

Industrial chic has a factory or assembly aesthetic that is also warm and comforting in a way that has a rustic almost bohemian style.

Is the Industrial Style making a Comeback?

planters in front of elevatorsThe industrial style never left. Any factory or assembly line will indeed maintain their trademark style, but for industrial chic, that is booming right now. Restaurants like Chipotle have catapulted industrial chic into the common everyday life and push for minimalism has made it more accessible than ever.

What are the Benefits?

Minimalistic – The minimalism creates less distraction. This makes it much easier to pull focus to the things that matter. IF you have an all brick room with steel furniture and painting on the wall, the painting will stick out.

Visually Pleasing – There’s something relaxing about the soft color of bricks or the cooling steel. Many people enjoy it because it just looks cool and accessible right now.

Easy to Maintain – When you’re not dealing with sensitive objects, it is much easier to maintain furniture and walls.

How to Incorporate the Industrial Style in your Office!

industrial style wallLess Is More – You need to cut back on a lot of what’s going on in your office. I’m not saying knock down your well-painted walls and put up bricks, but take things off the wall and switch the furniture types to something sleek and minimalistic.

Go Modern – On the note of furniture, look for things that are branded as ergonomic for example. These have the practical aesthetics needed to be industrial.

No, Where to Put Focus – Once you’ve subtracted, it’s time to add a small amount. Put in a planter for some going green, place an abstract painting to pull focus. Minimalism and Industrial looks give you the opportunity to make a very deliberate statement.

Jay Scotts

Jay Scotts loves working with different plant styles and coming up with dynamic styles to make your area shine. If you have any ideas you’d like to share or would like to know more about our planters, give us a call today!

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