Interior Design Tips for the New Year!

Do you want to make big changes in your Business?

With the start of the new year, countless people want to try something new for the new year. Between making bigger pushes towards their marketing and pushing to have a better office overall. But no matter which you do, you’ll need to know the latest trends for 2018.

Interior Design Trends for 2018

Warmer Color Palate

interior Design 2018Many people are going for a cozier feel this new year. This is to emphasize a more approachable and personal look for many companies. Ditching the corporate motif for a more human one.

Bright Lights Soft Wood

Many offices boast they are ditching the white lights for brighter, softer, yellow lighting. Couple this with the recent push for wood walls and the refining and maturation of the going green movement, you’ve got a recipe for delicious design.

Simple Shapes and Industrial Furniture

People like simple shapes to emphasize important emotions in businesses. Don’t go for crazy decagons or hexagons in your business, simply have square-backed chairs and rounded tables.

Being Frugal and Original

2018 Design TrendsFinally, people want a bit of a rustic feel. Being frugal and not lavishly showing off your businesses’ wealth is becoming a statement for companies more than how well the business is performing. Additionally, many customers claim that having original or unique ideas for interior design is great. However, don’t mistake original or unique with gimmicky, because conversely, we’ve read that some people find that tacky.

Jay Scotts

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