Is There A Difference Between Commercial And Retail Planters?

IS THERE A DIFFERENCE BETWEEN COMMERCIAL AND RETAIL PLANTERS_While some may think that all planters are the same, the truth is that they are vastly different. There are different types of planters, each with their own pros and cons that make them a good fit for certain environments, and a bad fit for other environments. In order to purchase the correct planter for your business, home, or anywhere you wish to place a planter, it is important to know the difference between a commercial planter and a retail planter! This guide will outline all of the differences and let you know when a commercial planter is best, and when a retail planter is best.

Commercial Planters

Commercial planters are planters that are designed to specifically be used in businesses and in public areas. The reason that they are different from retail planters is that they were created with high-traffic areas in mind. Planters that are often used in high-traffic areas are concrete, terracotta, and fiberglass. This is because these planters are large, sturdy, and relatively resistant to chips and cracks. However, concrete and terracotta planters are not infallible. Though they are large and resistant to a certain level of damage, they are prone to cracking and other scuffs and nicks that will diminish their appearance over time. These planters are also wildly heavy and almost impossible to move.

Fiberglass planters, which are perfect for any kind of high-traffic area, are super lightweight! Even large fiberglass planters are easier to move than concrete or terracotta planters. Fiberglass planters are also resistant to chips, scuffs, cracks, scratches, and crazy changes in temperature. They are also super easy to clean, with just some water, a cloth, and a little bit of soap doing the trick. Terracotta and concrete are prone to dirt and soil build-up, making them harder to take care of in the long run.

Retail Planters

Retail planters are the kind of planters that you find in any kind of local hardware store. These planters are usually much smaller and advertised for use around a home. While these may be useful inside of stores where they are at less risk, they are still prone to breaking and cracking. Often, retail planters are plastic, glass or wood. Every single one of these is likely to break if in a setting with a high amount of pedestrian traffic. These planters will have to be replaced often, and leave customers at risk for injury if something were to go wrong. These types of planters are also harder to maintain, as they get dirty quickly and can take more effort to clean than fiberglass planters.

The good news is that with fiberglass planters, you can get the small, retail planter size without the small retail planter weaknesses, or the large, commercial planter sizes. Fiberglass planters range between small tabletop planters to large rectangular or square planters perfect for outdoor spaces, so they are guaranteed to fit into any space that they are needed to while offering peace of mind whether they are in a high-traffic area or not!

At its most basic explanation, commercial planters are meant for public areas, and retail planters are meant to stay inside of homes. Fiberglass planters are the perfect option because they fit in with everything, whether something small is needed inside of a business or something large is needed to take up space in a courtyard or provide a central point for customers to gather around. Fiberglass planters could fall into the retail or the commercial planter category, making it the perfect option for any business, home or facility. For a full list of all Jay Scotts planters and all of the color finishes available, be sure to take a look through the Jay Scotts catalog! Give yourself peace of mind and a perfect commercial ( or retail! ) planter today.

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