Logistics and Fiberglass Containers – What You Need To Know

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A fiberglass planter is not just a pretty accessory to dress up your building. In fact, your fiberglass planters can play important logistical roles within your business. There are also some important logistical factors you should consider when ordering your planters as well. Here are some tips to get you started.

Preparing for Your Grand Opening

If you want to use fiberglass planters in your new location, you must start planning early. While there are many off-the-shelf designs to choose from, commercial planters require special care during finishing and shipping. This process may take up to two weeks before your planters arrive, and custom designs may take longer as the manufacturer has to create specialized molds to form the fiberglass.

Once planters are ordered, it typically will take 3-5 business days to prep and finish and another 4-6 days for your planters to actually arrive once they have left the manufacturer’s facility. The process allows the resin and fiberglass to cure into a sturdy, dependable form and gives plenty of time for finishing touches like paint to protect your planter against the elements. You do not want to rush this process, and you certainly don’t want to settle for a less robust product if you hope to make it last.

The Logistics of Installation

When your planters arrive, you will want to inspect them thoroughly as soon as they arrive. Once you have signed the Bill of Lading from the shipper, you are accepting full responsibility for the planters. If you see any visible damage on the planters when they arrive, you should report it immediately and not sign the BoL until it is resolved.

Occasionally damage occurs during shipment and it is best to catch these issues before your beautiful plants are in place, at which point the shipper and manufacturer will be unable to help. Great care should be taken to place your planters in the desired location. While the planters are notably lightweight thanks to the thin but rigid nature of the fiberglass, they do gain weight when the weight of soil and plants are added. You want to be sure that your planters are located in exactly the right place first, or use a rolling base if you know that you will be moving your planters from time to time.

Using Your Planters Effectively

When it comes to using your planters effectively, there are also plenty of logistics to keep in mind. Depending on the type of plants you want to have, you need to think well ahead of how those plants may interfere with walkways and seating areas. A beautiful little tree needs to be maintained to prevent it from growing out into spaces occupied by your guests, and the same is true of ferns.

You will also want to consider what happens to these plants seasonally as they shed leaves or start blooming. All of these issues can present irritating problems for you and your guests as they navigate your space. On the other hand, a well designed and placed planter can make positive contributions to your logistics and workflow as well. For instance, your planters can direct guests toward your front desk, or separate walkways for people entering and exiting. Planters can also be used to divide spaces without building solid walls. The biggest thing to keep in mind is that the plants you choose need to match the purpose that the planter is intended to serve in the long run, and they also need to be quick and easy to maintain on a day to day basis, lest they become a burden.

As you consider the short and long-term logistics of your business and your fiberglass planters, these are just a few of the items you should be planning for. Not only do you need to plan well enough in advance to order proper planters you also need to think about the type of plants you are selecting and how they will directly improve your customer experience from the moment your guests walk through the door. At every step of the way, your planters should add to the feeling of comfort and flow. For more information about how to order planters and how to use them effectively in your space, contact Jay Scotts today.

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