Mastering the Palm Tree Style

The Palm Style

Palm trees are making a resurgence in the work place. All over offices, businesses, and conference centers, you can find the palm style spreading through interior design like wildfire. But what exactly defines the palm style and why is it so effective?

Palm Style PlantersThe palm style refers to palm trees of course. But most people in the world recognize them as several stories tall and barren except for the frilly top. The palms at the precipice of the tree are so alluring to many designers.

The Palm Style adds:

  • Evocative Coloring
  • Surprising Coverage through its Density
  • And a transporting quality.

While it is great to have, too much of a good thing dilutes its effect.

How to Implement Palm Trees in the Workplace

There are countless ways to bring the palm style into the work place. Here are a few ideas we’ve come up with to help maximize your usage of the palm style!

To Introduce the Customers – In your lobby, partner a wide splaying palm tree with our. Update accordingly …Fiberglass Planter for a complementing and welcoming effect for your customers.

Use for Cover – Our stylish, Valencia, Hayden, and Pego Oval fiberglass planters display and complement the palm style brilliantly. To add a nice privacy wall or to adorn some sections of office spaces.

Try out some styles for yourself and message us with your ideas!

Challenges with Using Real Trees

Palm tree planterIf you want to be safe, just buy a plastic palm tree. Some of the models are incredibly realistic. But if you want to go for the real thing then follow these tips!

Sun and Water – Every tree will need sun and water. Make sure to give it the sun!

Foliar Feeding – Foliar feeding is the best way to feed palm trees, this means placing more food on the roots of the palms and not the tree itself. Granular feeding should be done once every three foliar feeding.

Prune the Bottom and Mid – Never prune the very tops of palm trees. This will make it very hard for them to grow back. When you are pruning and shaping, make sure to trim the bottom and mid portions and only a little bit at a time.

Jay Scotts

Jay Scotts loves working with different plant styles and coming up with dynamic styles to make your area really shine. If you have any ideas you’d like to share or would like to know more about our planters, give us a call today!

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