Minimalism. – A Guide to Minimalist Office Design


Minimalism is the style of doing little to get more. Bringing Minimalism into your office can make your work more efficient and your workplace more pleasant.

When that comes to office design, it breaks down into four elements:

  1. Removing Clutter
  2. Reducing Furniture
  3. Promoting Functionality
  4. Specifying Colors

How to Integrate Minimalist Office Design

Remove Clutter

minimalist designAnything that doesn’t have a deliberate purpose should be removed.

Anything that can be bundled should be minimized. Instead of keeping a dozen pens in a bowl, leave no less than 5 if four people you don’t know enter and require one.

If you need something that doesn’t have a practical purpose, then it should have a specific purpose. (i.e., Newton’s Cradle, Art)


Reducing Furniture

What does an Office Need? Desk, Chair, Table, Drawers.

If you can subtract anything from this list, do so, unless it falls into the category of having a specific purpose.

A fiberglass planter filled with a simple Sansevieria plant will naturally be an artistic piece that stands out.

Promoting Functionality


Ensure that your furniture is ergonomic and practical.

If you are removing the clutter from your desk, ensure you are also having a minimalistic computer so that your work space reflects your work computer.

Specifying Colors

Minimalism isn’t art deco.

Colors should be specific and practical.

The colors in your space should be promoting energy and efficiency.

You can do much more with color with less going on. See the picture on the right.

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